written by Ann

Roselyn Sanchez’s Lovely Bosom

The ultra sexy Roselyn Sanchez was at the premiere of “Harold & Kumar.” She looked ravishing. This movie was the second sequel and its subtitle was – “Escape from Guantanamo Bay.” The plot was about the comic duo being mistaken for terrorists when they were on a flight. They had planned to chase after Harold’s dream girl, Maria. A passenger mistook Kumar for a terrorist and the plane was diverted to deal with this crisis.

Roselyn Sanchez

Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay Sexy Roselyn Sanchez Lovely Bosom Roselyn Sanchez attends premiere Roselyn Sanchez in sexy outfit Roselyn Sanchez 7.jpg Roselyn Sanchez 8.jpg Roselyn Sanchez 9.jpg Roselyn Sanchez 10.jpg Roselyn Sanchez 11.jpg


  • I call Roselyn Sanchez a TRUE Goddess. She is extremely beautiful, smart, talented, sexy and erotic. I worship her deeply.

  • this women is just to good looking!

  • very pretty and great body