written by Ann

Roselyn Sanchez’s See Through Dress

Roselyn Sanchez, an actress who originated from Puerto Rico, is one of the sexy Latinas who have hit the screen. Sanchez starred in “Without A Trace.” This TV series from CBS was about FBI’s Missing Persons Squad. Each episode showed the MPS’s efforts to trace the missing, despite their having totally disappeared from the face of the earth. Sanchez is dressed very provocatively in this photo shoot. Her thin dress is a see through and a piece of lingerie.

Roselyn Sanchez

see through dress Roselyn Sanchez is pol dancer sexy Roselyn Sanchez Roselyn Sanchez by pol Roselyn Sanchez in lingerie


  • I got to start watching Without a trace!

  • If possible post more of her, she is hot!

  • Thats from an episode where some stripper vanish and they wanted to know why so she went to work in that club to get some info ,she was great in taking her clothes of to bad she din’t show more then those pics show

  • she is very hot, loved her in boat trip