written by Wanda

Rosie Huntington In A See-through Dress

I wonder if Rosie Huntington knew her dress was see through when she went shopping wearing it. I know it sounds like something you’d know as soon as you got dressed, but speaking from experience, that isn’t always the case. Finding out that your dress is see-through – especially if you find out from a stranger, as I did – is embarrassing, the say the least, so I want to assume for Rosie’s sake this was on purpose. If I looked like Rosie, I don’t know if I’d own anything that covered me up at all. Rosie doesn’t seem all that happy here. I can’t help wondering why. With an apparently happy love life and a blossoming movie career, you’d think she’d have plenty to smile about. Then again, maybe she just discovered the revealing nature of her dress and is a little bummed out about that.


  • hello no matter what people say u look so hot in any dress u wear it make every body heart bit so fast . ur the best and the sexyest of all.

  • hi beautiful to be unset with i just love the shot next to the pool its every men dream?

  • hello again i am so sorry i forgat to say marry christmas and happey new year i wish u lots happines and lots luckin ur work. take care.

  • Shahram, hun, you know Rosie ain’t reading this, right? Wouldn’t it be better for you to look for the PO box for her fan mail and send her a letter or card there? I think there might be a better chance of her reading it (not that she definitely will, but there’s more of a chance there than here).