written by Wanda

Rosie Huntington Out And About In Beverly Hills

Yes, I live Rosie Huntington. She’s gorgeous and she has a fantastic body. I think these photos of her (taken in Beverly Hills) are among my favorite pictures of her though. She just looks so relaxed. It’s always nice to see someone I’m used to seeing all glammed up for the red carpet rocking more casual attire. I also like the fact that she doesn’t seem to be paying a whole lot of attention to the cameras snapping away at her. She isn’t posing for them but she also doesn’t look like she’s bothered by them. I find that refreshing. She’s just a beautiful lady going about her business. I love this woman. I hope we continue to see more of her.

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  • Yes she is a beautiful lady. But my only complaint here is that we can not really see her face that well. I would like her to be looking more at the camera so we can see just how gorgeous she really is.