written by Wanda

Rosie Huntington Shows Off Her Legs.

Another day, another super sexy set of photos of Rosie Huntington. I love this lady. My heavens, she’s beautiful. As we see her here leaving Chateau Marmont Hotel, she shows off her flawless legs in a skin baring skirt but she still keeps that touch of class and sophistication that makes her so appealing. This is a woman that knows what works for her. She knows exactly what to wear to highlight her best features. I would rather see her without the sunglasses as I love her eyes but even the sunglasses work beautifully with the dress. This lady is a stunner from head to toe. Always a pleasure to write about her.


  • Oh I just love that little star tattoo that she has on her ankle. Too cute. She is so pretty and has a great body. She can afford to show off her legs like this as they are in fantastic shape.

  • Okay I do not see what the big fuss is over these pics. Sure she is good looking but that dress is very dreadful on her. The slits add something to the dress but that is about it. Show some more cleavage if you ask me.

  • Yes, Wendall I am with you. She is a pretty girl but the dress does nothing for me. The top reminds me of something that a granny would wear and so therefore it is no longer sexy even with the slit up the legs.