written by Wanda

Rosie Huntington Spends A Day At The Beach With Her Dog

I love Rosie Huntington and I love that Rosie Huntington loves her dog. I think that’s just fantastic. I don’t know why it makes me smile like it goes, but I seriously grinned when I saw these photos. Maybe they make me feel like she’s just a normal human being. I’m not rich, famous or especially beautiful but I love my dog and so does Rosie. We have something in common. Of course, I’m sitting in my house with nothing but snow out my window as I give my dog a good scratch behind the years and she’s frolicking on a beach in Malibu but hey – at least we have that one thing in common. I think these photos are fantastic and, of course, very hot. This woman has just an incredible body. I like that she’s wearing something a little more conservative than a bikini even though she looks terrific in one of those as well. Just because you’ve got the body doesn’t mean you have to flaunt it all the time. Rosie gets that. I don’t think I could possibly love these pictures more.

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