written by Wanda

Rosie Jones In Denim Shorts (Aka: Rosie Jones Is Trying To Kill Me)

Oh my heart. Oh good Lord, my heart. I feel flush. I might faint. Someone get my a glass of water to pour over my sweating head. Rosie Jones is going to kill me. Deep breath. Another deep breath. Steady the hands. Close the eyes. Another deep breath. Okay. I’m ready to proceed – as long as I don’t look at those photos again. I mean, just look at these photos! A bra top and denim shorts? Clearly the woman is trying to take me out but at least if I go, I’ll go with the biggest smile on my face. In other words, I like these pictures. I like them a lot. I need to go get some air. Talk amongst yourselves.

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  • she is a cutie