written by Wanda

Roxanne Pallett Is Still Very Pretty

Roxanne Pallett has been a bit of a stranger around these parts as of late and I’m quite happy to see her back again. I really like Roxanne Pallett. She’s very pretty and has a fantastic body. These photos, snapped in Majorca,Spain, are a great way to welcome Roxanne back to the site. She looks absolutely incredible in them but more than looking sexy, she looks like she’s having a great time. I’ve always loved that about this lady. She seems to be such a laid back, relaxed sort of woman and I just find that whole vibe so appealing. In the past, I’ve speculated as to whether or not I’m so attracted to women who can relax because I have a hard time relaxing myself but after careful consideration, I think I’ve decided that has nothing to do with it. I think I just like relaxed women because I really don’t like uptight women. Go figure. Sometimes I just read way too much into things. Am I alone in that?

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