written by Wanda

Rumer Willis Flashes Some Cleavage

I like Rumer Willis in theory. I don’t think she’s the greatest actress on the planet and she’s not the most attractive woman in the industry, but I like her. She has fire. She’s feisty and I always like that in a woman. She also just keeps trying no matter how much people give her crap about only being famous because of her parents. I’m quite certain it would’ve been easy for someone like Rumer – the daughter of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis – to get a crappy reality show and build her fame (or infamy) that way, but Rumer went the legitimate route. I also applaud her for staying drama free. There are no big scandals with this one and I appreciate that. She is trying to build her career the old fashioned way – by actually acting. Weird, isn’t it? I wish her all the best.


  • No amount of cleavage will help that cow-dog celebrity-cross-breeding experiment, unfortunately. Wow. lmao

  • nice she is well fit