written by Wanda

Rumer Willis Is Looking Darn Good In Cancun.

The more I see Rumer Willis, the more I like her. For a long time, she was just the kid of someone famous to me. She had a few acting roles but nothing that really made her stand out for me as an actress. As time has passed, that has started to change. I think she has potential as an actress even if she’s not quite there yet but she also seems like a young lady that is in control of her life. I felt for her when mother Demi Moore was going through all the stuff she was going through but I thought Rumer handled the speculation beautifully. In a lot of ways, Rumer seems more mature and grounded than her mother and I respect her for that. Here in Cancun, Rumer is looking especially good. I haven’t always found her all that attractive but that too is changing. Is she partying too much? Perhaps but she’s a young girl in Cancun with her friends. Partying is sort of what one would expect in such a situation. I just hope she’s careful. I’d hate to see her go off the rails.

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  • Rumer is not a celeb that you see all the time in the news. But she looks decent here. A little too pale but the suit looks good on her. She looks like she is having a great time but in the first photo she looks like she is grabbing her ass.