written by Wanda

Salma Hayek And Her Cans Head To Cannes

Salma Hayek has fantastic breasts. The great thing about Salma and her breasts is that she isn’t afraid to show them off. She seems pretty aware of how awesome they are and how much people love to get a glimpse of them. There’s something special about a woman who gives the public what they want while still staying classy. A lot of people have been picking on Salma for this dress she wore to Cannes, particularly the puffy floral sleeves (wrap maybe?), but I love it. It’s sexy without being slutty. It flatters her shape without being over powering. It’s perfect for her. While many women in Hollywood simply wear what their stylists tell them to wear, one gets the feeling Salma would never hit the red carpet in something she didn’t like and I love that about her.


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  • What the frick is she wearing? The dress is ugly, such an ugly color. And is it leather? And what is the deal with the feather thing around her? You have money, please buy a decent outfit.

  • Jess, your right,I’m not keen on the dress really, Its great for showing off her huge bust, Mrs Hajek always seems to wear outfits that show off her big cleavage, and her great figure and has more interest in looking sexy in that way as opposed to if the outfit is that nice.

    She always wears sexy some would say slutty outfits.

    and as others have said mr banderas might well have banged her too

  • she is a real babe, one of the best, a real beauty she is,one of the best racks i have ever seen on any women really

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  • Salma Hayek is very pretty indeed. But that outfit does nothing and I mean nothing for her. Makes her look rather old and unstylish. I would much prefer to see her in something a little bit better that is not so feathery.

  • id love to be an actor and have a sex scene with her

  • Salma never looks short of Gorgeous at these galas. The woman is awesome looking.

  • she is the meaning of sex sells all she does is wear sexy outfits showing off her main assets her boobs, she certainly like getting attention

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