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Salma Hayek Showed Boobs

Salma Hayek was on the German TV show, “Wetten Dass.” She appeared with Karl Lagerfeld, the iconic fashion designer. Hayek was asked to bet on the outcome of a guest’s performance and she lost. According to the rules of the game, Hayek had to do a forfeit as a result of her loss. She was asked to wear a Dirndl, which was a traditional Bavarian dress. Her Dirndl was incredibly tight, low cut and threatened to spill its assets. Aren’t you glad Salma Hayek showed her boobs?

Salma Hayek

Wetten Dass Salma Hayek attends German show Karl Lagerfeld Salma Hayek 4.jpg Salma Hayek boobs Salma Hayek 6.jpg Salma Hayek is hot Salma Hayek in incredibly tight outfit Salma Hayek 9.jpg Salma Hayek 10.jpg Salma Hayek 11.jpg Salma Hayek 12.jpg Salma Hayek 13.jpg Salma Hayek 14.jpg Salma Hayek 15.jpg Salma Hayek 16.jpg Salma Hayek 17.jpg Salma Hayek 18.jpg


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