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Salma Hayek Shows Boobs On “30 Rock”

Salma Hayek looked gorgeous with large globes that glistened in the sunny weather of “30 Rock.” She has a recurring role in the TV series as she played Jack Donaghy’s romantic interest, Elisa. Jack is of course played by Alec Baldwin. 30 Rock’s creator, Tina Fey, had specially invited hayek to act in her series. Hayek said she enjoyed working with Fey since the day they met on the set of SNL years ago.

Salma Hayek height=

Salma Hayek 1.jpg Salma Hayek on 30 Rock Salma Hayek filming a movie Salma Hayek 4.jpg Salma Hayek 5.jpg Salma Hayek 6.jpg Salma Hayek 7.jpg Salma Hayek in red Salma Hayek 9.jpg Salma Hayek 10.jpg boobs Salma Hayek is busty


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