written by Ann

Samantha Fox Auctions Off Her Red Bra

Samantha Fox is beautiful. I can’t really understand why she prefers her own gender. I like her red lingerie. She shares the same passion for red as our dear Amy Winehouse. Samantha donated her undergarment for ‘Strip It Off’, a celebrity auction for UK’s national deaf and blind charity, named as Sense. I think it was rather huge and when she waved it in the air, you could imagine the excitement she caused. Were you excited too?

Samantha Fox

Samantha Fox Red Bra celebrity auction Samantha Fox in red lingerie Strip It Off' Samantha Fox 5.jpg Samantha Fox 6.jpg


  • Maybe she prefers her own gender because she loves beauty too!And you should understand it since you love women.

  • Who in the world would buy that old MILFS bra? maybe me