written by Wanda

Samantha Gradoville Is Sexy In This Sultry Lingerie Shoot

Samantha Gradoville is one of those women that surprises me every time I see her. It’s not really that I forgetĀ how hot she is … well, no. I think it is exactly that. I open up her photos and I expect to see someone I think is fairly attractive and instead see someone I find exceptionally attractive. That’s exactly what happened with these photos. For some reason, her name just doesn’t stick in my head. I’m quite certain that has changed with this photo set. While she looks hot each and every time I see her, this set is different. Perhaps it’s the way she’s looking into the camera in the first photos or perhaps it’s the poses she’s striking but there is something about this shoot that has really made me pay attention. I’m sure the next time I get a set of her pics, I’ll be prepared for the hotness I’ll find when the pictures are in front of me. Stunning girl. Absolutely gorgeous.

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