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Samara Weaving Goes For A Run In Sydney

I am a big Samara Weaving fan and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see her name added to the long list of incredible talent that got its start on “Home and Away”. She’s beautiful, talented and she has a fantastic body. In these photos, snapped in Sydney, we get to see Samara working on keeping that gorgeous body in shape. I love photos like these. They offer a pleasant reminder that women like Samara actually have to work to get a great body, just like the rest of us. I also like the fact that Samara looks a little perturbed with the cameras snapping away as she goes for a run. It’s nice to see someone that isn’t so in love with themselves that they have to strut and pose every chance they get. It would be nicer to see those cameras leave her alone but hey, then we wouldn’t have these photos.

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