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Sandra Taylor Has Big Jugs

The National Lampoon Premiere of “One, Two, Many” in Los Angeles was indeed a colorful, interesting night — especially with the presence of ultra sexy Sandra Taylor. Sandra was the picture of someone very confident with herself — and proud of her jugs! Come on, boys, don’t tell me you don’t know what I’m talking about ;). Dressed in a black dress that showed off her curves, Sandra was every inch the full blown woman — and I mean that both literally and literarily!

Sandra Taylor

One, Two, Many Sandra Taylor in Los Angeles movie premiere sexy Sandra Taylo Sandra Taylor, boobs black dress renegade Sandra Taylor 8.jpg Sandra Taylor 9.jpg Sandra Taylor 10.jpg


  • I am so glad you are happy together.

  • Can anyone tell me who is that guy close to Sandra Taylor. He looks so familiar to me, but somehow I can’t remember. Please help me! :)

  • I remember him from one TV series, don’t know exactly which one.

  • That’s Lorenzo Lamas. He used to be in soaps & on the notorious “Are you hot?” show where dumb good looking people would compete to be the so called hottest babe or dude. He took alot of flak (& rightly so) for telling lots of women that their ass was too big or faces weren’t pretty enuff.

  • Thanks Zach for reminding me. I remember him as Vince Black in Renegade.

  • I remember watching Renegade when I was a boy of ten. Good memories!

  • sagging

  • very sexy mature women


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