written by Nabanita

Santa Monica Beckons Kelly Brook

Here’s the thing with divas, they look good in whatever they wear. That’s why it comes as no surprise that even the simplest looking yellow dress can have such a seductive effective when Kelly Brooks dons it. Surely here’s one well fitted garment that talks about cleavage and the lady sure knows to carry herself with grace ensuring that all glances are not fixated on the bosom alone. The neat brown belt certainly accentuates her frame and the little brown purse, which may just have been ornamental, strengthens the style statement. What can we say, girl, with or without your glares, you still look very pretty.

Kelly brook

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  • I think it’s safe to assume the writer here must be male(duh!), British and blind! That overly snug-fitting dress with the cheap brown belt looks like it came out of Dress Barn or perhaps that Walmart she was recently spotted in. And if she truly had a sense of BASIC style she would not pair it with a seemingly elegant (& authentic?) Channel purple colored bag offset by those Classy white flip flops. Since she is obviously knock-kneed- she should wear a sandal with a wedge or at least a small heel to give some length to her extreme pear shaped figure– in other words she could easily stand to knock off 8-10lbs to give her a longer, slender look. Now I’m going to recomend this amidst the predictable howls and jeers– but she should pare those puppies down to At Least a 34D (preferably a 34C) because they just HANG DOWN and there isn’t anything sexy about that! NB: I am a hetero female who is just as repelled by the current Size 0 skeletal look on so many women today so please don’t pass me off as a closet gay.

  • At some point I agree with you Nancy, but no matter what Kelly looks nice in this outfit.

  • I notice that this March 7th entry on Ms. Brooks’ “eclectic” sense of style (?) was removed from the Blog pages. . . what gives, Kelly? Does a less-than-fawning comment cause you or your juggernaut of a publicity machine to go into damage control and delete? Look how many entries there are of you in tacky uncoordinated outfits going about your daily routines: note– you don’t have to be a fashion plate to tred the streets of L.A., just wear something that doesn’t appear so tight and dowdy. Maybe that’s the English Way but I don’t think it’s going to work for you over here. I realize you don’t have your former Pygmalion of a beau advising you on what to wear but perhaps you could enlist the services of a style advisor (there must be hundreds there in L.A.). Actually, even if it sounds harsh, my advice is GOLD Kelly, pure GOLD! You need all the help you can get. And, as a last word: Get RID of those TONGS and get a decent pair of casual shoes/sandals.