written by Wanda

Sara Paxton Gets Hot For Shark Night 3D

I have been a huge Sara Paxton fan since she did a guest spot on “Malcolm in the Middle” way back in 2004 and my love for her has only grown since then. She was great in the remake of “The Last House on the Left” and I’ll admit it. I even liked her in her new movie, “Shark Night 3D”. Normally I wouldn’t even consider seeing a movie like this but it looked too cheesy and wrong to pass up. Plus it also stars Donal Logue whom I love more than puppies. Sara is absolutely gorgeous, looks great in a bikini and isn’t a bad little actress. I’m thrilled to see her continuing to get lots of work with seven movies on the go in various stages of production. She might be mostly known as a horror queen these days but she’s good at what she does and the world always needs a good scream queen.

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