written by Wanda

Sarah Harding And A Snake

I have never made my love of Sarah Harding a secret. I think she’s fantastic … most of the time. While I think she looks gorgeous in these photos from The Lingerie Awards in London (there’s such a thing as The Lingerie Awards?), the dress just isn’t working for me. The actual cut and style of the dress is nice, the pattern is just so busy it’s distracting. Sarah is a beautiful woman – stunning even – but the print on the dress makes it a bit difficult to recognize that. All that is really beside the point though because BIG FREAKING SNAKE! Holy Hannah how I love snakes and beautiful women with snakes? Definitely a winning combination. Dress issues aside, I love these photos for two reasons – Sarah Harding and that gorgeous snake. I want one immediately.

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  • I don’t know which I like better, her shoes or her dress? Both are fabulous. She looks amazing here but she could do without the snake as I am not such a big fan of them. I find her to be very pretty here.