written by Wanda

Sarah Harding And Her Dog In London.

Sarah Harding is such a pretty girl. The “Girls Aloud” songbird always looks so glamorous even when she’s just out and about in London with her dog. I love the outfit she’s wearing here, especially the boots even if I’m not quite sure about the tights with the winter clothing. I know this look is trendy these days (I just posted about Kelly Brook wearing something somewhat similar) but I just don’t get it. Wouldn’t skinny jeans look just as good, maybe even better, but offer a little more warmth than tights? Sarah’s underpants also wouldn’t be showing through them, as they are through the tights in some of these photos. Regardless, Sarah looks fantastic and her dog is adorable. Love these pictures.

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  • I do not care much for this look on her. I know it is trendy right now to wear this but to me it looks like you can see her thong . I find this tasteless. If it was not obvious then the look would really not bother me.