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Sarah Harding Sizzles At 30

Sarah Harding, the British singer as well as composer also an actress comes from Stockport. She got the popularity with the pop band Girls Aloud. Her initial career was light wavered as she worked for pizza hut and also for promotion of 2 famous night clubs in Stockport. Of course her career took quick turn after joining the band Girls Aloud. She was also rated as one of the 30 Top sexiest women in the world. She was in the top 10 sexiest women in the world, at the 8th position. Her 3 best solos in the year 2009 includes “Too Bad”, “Make it Easy” and “Boys Keep Swinging”.

Sarah Harding

Sarah Harding Sarah Harding Sarah HardingSarah Harding Sarah Harding

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  • too bad she protected upskirt picture from being taken successfully :-(