written by Wanda

Sarah Harding Walks Her Dog Before Lunch

I just posted about “Girls Aloud” member Sarah Harding the other day so I was pretty excited to see more pictures of her on the docket for today. Sarah is a lovely girl but she’s also got a fun, unique sort of style that really appeals to me. I adore the hat, the sweater, the leggings and the shoes. In other words, everything about this outfit works for me. If given the chance to raid any celebrity’s closet, it would definitely be Sarah’s. In these photos takes her dog for a stroll while she visits a friend in north London before heading to lunch with a friend. So basically, she’s just out and about doing her thing. I love that. It’s always so nice to see casual pictures of gorgeous women doing every day things.


  • I’m not a big lover of pattern mixtures and I see three different patterns there: the sweater, the trousers, the shoes. I would have put on an unpatterned pair of black bottoms. However, this doesn’t take away from how beautiful she is.

  • Jul20 I alwyas loved the song, was sad it wasn’t a bigger hit and now think you have found the perfect match for it in professional party girl Sarah. I can’t imagine a more magnificent combination (though i think me and Adam Levine would be pretty mindblowing)

  • nice

  • Wonder if she would bend over for my dick?