written by Christine

Sarah Jessica Parker IS Sex In The City

Here is the fabulous Carrie Bradshaw as she lives in breathes her life of Sex in the City. Others will recognize her as Sarah Jessica Parker just having another work day. Sarah is smoking up the set of the Sex in the City movie in one of Carrie’s usual odd, but ever so high-end numbers. Paired with Sarah’s smoking body and couture labels are a cute pair of oxford booties which, I will take a guess, are none other than Chanel. If Carrie is preparing for her wedding day (as rumors go) she certainly has her uh, something blue covered. Not sure WHAT that thing is, but it’s Carrie, we love her, so we love it.

Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Sex in the Cityg Sex in the City - The Movie Sarah Jessica Parker 4.jpg Sarah Jessica Parker 5.jpg


  • Nice pictures you got here lol

  • Does anyone bur me notice she looks like a transvestite?


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