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August 12, 2013

Rita Rusic Is Fifty (Plus!) And Fabulous

It still boggles my mind that Rita Rusic, the gorgeous woman the photos below wearing a pink bikini at Miami Beach, is over 50 years old. I know that age is nothing but a number and all that but it’s kind of ridiculous that I am 20 plus years younger than her and she looks hotter in a bikini than I do – and by a fairly wide margin. Rita isn’t just sexy for her age. She’s just flat out sexy. I love these shots. She looks so confident and comfortable in her own skin. Plus, she looks incredible. I mean, she looks really incredible. That bikini was the perfect choice for her. It flaunts her fine figure and the color is lovely on her. Great shots from start to finish.

June 1, 2013
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Rita Rusic Takes An Ultra Sexy Bikini Day

Rita Rusic was born on May 16, 1960. I’ll give you a few minutes to do the math on that one. That’s right – the stunning bikini clad woman in these photos is over 50 years old. Is that crazy to anyone other than me? I’m not the kind of woman that usually says someone looks good for their age but come on – this woman looks incredible for her age … or any age for that matter. Put my in a bikini and stand me next to that woman and I can guarantee you she would look infinitely better than I would and I turned 31 two days before she turned 53. She stands up next to many of the women on this site who are more than half her age. That’s just flat out awesome to me. In these photos from Miami, Florida Rita has convinced me that maybe the secret to staying young and beautiful is having fun and enjoying life. Maybe I should give that a shot sometime.

March 30, 2012

51yr Old Rita Rusic Rocks A Red Bikini

While reading over some information about Rita Rusic to do this post, I was a little disturbed by a few things. Those things don’t relate to Rita per say but rather about the kind of trash talk people like to talk about her appearance, especially when she slips into a bikini. That sincerely bugs me. First, I think she looks incredible. Let’s just remember for a second that Rita isn’t in her early twenties anymore like many of the woman we often feature on this site. She’s in her early fifties and I’d say she looks pretty damn good for her age. What I find most appealing about her though is her confidence. I love these pictures. Rita is beautiful, strong and confident – all things I admire very much.

January 5, 2012

Sexy Rita Rusic Rocks A Barely There Bikini In Miami

I have no choice but to cop to this one. I know almost nothing about Rita Rusic. I know she’s an Italian actress/film producer and I know that she looks absolutely incredible in this barely there bikini she’s sporting in Miami. My careful research hasn’t turned up much more aside from this little nugget of information – this woman is over fifty? I’m not so sure I buy that. I mean, you can tell she’s not in her twenties anymore but can it really be true that she’s not even in her forties anymore? After more careful research (beyond Wikipedia and IMDB), I’ve turned up several sources that say she’s 51. I can only think of one thing to say about that. Congratulations. I’m not even thirty yet and could not pull off the bikini Rita’s rocking in these pictures. The fact that she looks better than I can ever hope to look at fifty makes me hate her every so slightly but love her a whole lot more. There’s little I like more than seeing a sexy, confident woman in her fifties outshining the younger girls.

November 19, 2012

Rita Rusic Is Ageless.

The first time I posted photos of Rita Rusic I was shocked to learn she was over fifty years old. Since that time, I’ve continued to be shocked each and every time I’ve posted about her. This woman doesn’t age. I’m thirty years old and Rita looks better in a bikini than I ever have or ever will. While part of me wants to be jealous, a larger part of me just can’t be mad at her for taking such great care of herself. I’m sure genetics are part of it but it takes effort to stay in the kind of shape Rita’s in, good genetics or not. And let’s not even start in on the confidence this woman has. A stunner at any age. I absolutely love Rita.

August 24, 2012

Rita Rusic Is 50+ Years Of Total Babe.

People love to say Rita Rusic looks incredible for her age and while that’s definitely true it’s also true that Rita looks incredible for a woman of any age. There are women a good twenty – even thirty – years younger than her that don’t look that good in a bikini. I freely admit to being one of them. Rita continues to surprise me when I see new photos of her though. She always seems to look even better than she did the last time I saw her. In these photos, she’s looking just as confident and sexy as ever. I can’t find anything to complain about here. I love this woman.

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