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July 16, 2013

Holly Willoughby Looks Lovely In London

Sometimes living where I live has its limitations. I’m not able to watch a lot of videos on non-YouTube sites because I get one of those lovely “content not available in your location” warnings and I sometimes miss out on great online sales because shipping to my location is usually an arm and a leg and negates any possible savings I could have gotten. No fun. Probably my biggest complaint about where I live, however, is I often miss out on a lot of beautiful women from the UK simply because I don’t get to watch UK television or read UK magazines. Such is the case with Holly Willoughby – the beautiful young woman in these photos from London. For those of you who, like me, aren’t sure who Holly is, let me tell you what my research turned up. She’s a English model/television host who is mostly known for her work on children’s shows and entertainment shows, including hosting Dancing on Ice in 2010. Now you know.

February 27, 2008
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Meet Miss Great Britain, Gemma Garrett

Gemma Garrett is the beautiful Miss Great Britain 2008. She has matched her eye shadow to her eyes and gown and the effect is astonishing. I like her big, fresh smile which looked rather sincere. Her dress is quite daring. We can’t help but admire her perfect and demure poise. Those arm holes are huge and if she was not careful, she would expose quite an eyeful of goodies. Gemma reminds me of Holly Willoughby, who loves to wear cleavage revealing dresses too.

Gemma Garrett