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June 11, 2009

Sexy Hello Katy London Tour

Move on from your kindergarten days, and you’ll see the difference between Hello Kitty to Hello Katy. Here’s Katy Perry moving to a few beats during her tour. Certainly a warped attire attempting to border around cute and sexy but doesn’t really get there. And that attempt at a lazy fat tabby cat certainly stops at ugly. And you obviously can’t miss the pink combination’s and the ribbons of course. Only one thought now? Obviously the audience didn’t get to sight anything too sexy so hope the show was at least worth in terms of performance because the kitty cat pun isn’t getting too far.

Katy Perry

May 19, 2009
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Katy Perry’s Glimmering Corset

It looks like another great night of top performance from Katy Perry when she performs during the Life Ball 2009 at the city hall in Vienna, Austria. Wearing a glimmering yellow corset, Katy looks to be on her highest energy level while performing. You can see on these photos of her running, and jumping, and dancing so hard. Seeing her in a shell going down from above is so lovely. She looks pretty and demure in her white dress that shows some cleavage of Katy Perry and the stockings adds up the beauty of Katy’s shapely legs. The shoes can be a bit off, but it is cute though.

Katy Perry

May 5, 2009

Katy Perry And The Red Polka Dot Dress

Katy Perry really looks like a mannequin especially when wearing her signature make-up style. In her latest performance, Katy seems to be rocking the stage once again with her heart-pounding and head-banging music. The mini red polka dot dress accentuated with a red heart belt embraces the curves of the young Hot and Cold singer. Katy Perry seems to like high-waist garments a lot. If you can remember, we have featured her a few days back in her high-waist swimwear while having some fun with Rihanna in Barbados. But then, despite of that, Katy still looks pretty and cute especially when she started to get wild on stage.

Katy Perry shows panties

April 28, 2009

Refreshing Colored Swimwear Of Katy Perry

It is fun soaking up the sun and enjoying the beauty of wonderful beaches when the hot summer comes. That is what you can see with Katy Perry when we got her spotted enjoying the summer sun and clear warm waters of Barbados with her high waist swimwear. The I Kissed a Girl singer looks so fresh and young with this multi-colored high waist swimwear, but loved the moment she folded her lower wear resulting it into a sexy bikini that shows off the beautiful curves of Katy Perry. Was this vacation of Katy Perry in Barbados with Rihanna includes her then beau Travis McCoy? That is good news for Katy Perry.

Katy Perry

March 13, 2009
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Katy Perry And Her Vegas Video

Let’s just say that we’re almost expecting Katy Perry to keep bringing back the retro, and she seriously makes every attempt to recreate the retro. So, if you’re watching Katy Perry and her Vegas video it’s likely that you could be trying hard to remember something like this that you’ve seen years earlier. Well, that’s not true because even her most recent videos seem to recreate on the past. Everything always seems to be styled on yesteryears and that’s why you could be left scratching your head wondering what’s happening. With Katy Perry in the forefront, we’re always making a dash for classic recreation.

Katy Perry

February 27, 2009
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Katy Perry In Manchester

Here are some classic images of Katy Perry that certainly deserve a mention. This is one look that left everyone thinking. The smiley sleeves certainly leave you speechless but I guess once you’ve gained enough reputation to go on stage and amuse millions you get away with anything. She did emulate a typically 70’s look with the stiff black top and polka dotted skirt with the glossy red heels, but I’m not sure everyone was that keen on what she wore. However the typically set hairstyle with bright red lipstick did make for great expressions and appearance as usual.

Katy Perry