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June 1, 2014
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Kate Upton Is Back In My Good Graces

Not that it matters. Kate Upton couldn’t care less if I like her or not. She likes herself and not in some stuck up, conceited, “I’m better than everyone else” way but in a, “I like who I am and that’s enough for me” way. I really respect that. She has real self confidence. Remember when everyone was going on about how over weight she is? I’m sure that hurt her feelings but you’d never know it to look at her. She not only kept her head up and pushed through the negativity, she showed the world that beauty isn’t just about fitting in a size zero dress. I know some people will look at these shots of Kate on the beach in the Bahamas and nitpick about this or that but not me. To me, these photos are gorgeous. I don’t see a thing wrong with them. I hope Kate keeps on being Kate and doesn’t let anyone bring her down.

April 13, 2014
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I’m Kind Of Over Kate Upton

So I’ve been gone a long time, again, but I’m back now and bitchier than ever. Seriously, what the hell is wrong with me, friends? I love Kate Upton but these shots… they’re not doing it for me at all. The star of these shots, snapped in New York, is definitely Kate’s blond friend and I don’t even think she’s all that attractive. Perhaps I’m getting pickier or perhaps I’m just not really loving these particular photos. They can’t all be winners… right? I’m sure by the next set of Kate photos, I’ll be in love all over again and life will make sense again.

February 11, 2014

Kate Upton Takes A Lot Of Flack For Her Weight And I Think That’s Crazy

Here we have some shots of Kate Upton and a pretty pal out and about in New York and I gotta be honest, I see nothing at all wrong with these photos. I think Kate looks gorgeous and while I prefer her friend, that has nothing to do with Kate’s weight and everything to do with the fact that I tend to prefer women with dark hair. Is Kate a walking stick figure? Of course not but that hardly makes her unattractive. Anyone who suggests otherwise is, in my humble opinion, insane. ┬áIt’d be different if Kate looked unhealthy but she doesn’t. She looks like a woman with curves and I definitely think there’s a place in the modeling industry for a super sexy woman with real curves.

October 31, 2013
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Kate Upton Looks In-Freaking-Credible

Sometimes Kate Upton loses me a bit. I don’t really know if it was because she seemed to be everywhere for an extended period of time or if it was because I made myself sick of her by fixating on her for so long but whatever the reason, it takes a lot for Kate Upton shots to really get me going these days. These shots do it. They really do. I love the way Kate’s makeup is done here. I love the hair. I love the dress – gorgeous on all levels. Truly a great set of photos.

October 29, 2013

Kate Beckinsale Is Still Incredibly Attractive To Me

A few hours ago, I wrote a post about Victoria Beckham in which I admitted I don’t find her all that attractive. Now we have the complete opposite of that with these shots of Kate Beckinsale. In terms of talent, attitude and appearance, Kate is everything I want to be. She’s stunningly beautiful with an incredible body and a beautiful face but she also has a very down to earth sort of vibe that just drives me crazy. To me, Kate is the ideal. While I look at Victoria Beckham and see her faults, I look at Kate Beckinsale and see nothing but flawless perfection.

October 13, 2013
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Kate Hudson Was Totally Wasted On Glee

When I heard Kate Hudson was going to be appearing on Glee, I was ecstatic. I love this woman. I think she’s talented, beautiful and down to earth. Then I saw her guest spot on the show and was woefully disappointed. Her part was okay, I guess. I was just expecting far, far more. Remember Gwyneth Paltrow’s guest spot on the show? That spot singlehandedly made me like Gwyneth again. It showed off her range and versatility. It showed off her talent as a vocalist. It showed she had a sense of humor about herself. Kate’s role did none of that and it really made me sad. Ah well, she looks hot in these photos. I guess that counts for something.

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