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January 14, 2010

Kate Perry Could Be Pregnant

Celebs have a way of creating interest. As hungry readers would have it, here’s something to ponder about. After Kate Perry announced her recent engagement, there’s rumors of a possible pregnancy. Now, I for one thing can’t spot the baby bump but speculations regarding her twitter posts suggest pregnancy possibilities. Furthermore she was even spotted at a baby booty store amongst other things. Whether she bares her stomach or hides it with a poncho it’s still a debatable topic, especially since she’s even having a say at food preferences . Does not opting for mayo suggest anything, well we don’t yet know.

Kate Perry

July 8, 2013

Rose McGowan Is, Without Question, My Biggest Girl Crush

I have a lot of girl crushes. I have a lot of big time girl crushes. There’s Carmen Electra – one of my first girl crushes – and Sandra Bullock. There’s Katy Perry and Rihanna. There’s Fairuza Balk. There’s Kate Beckinsale. I have a lot of girl crushes for a straight chick. I get that. None of those crushes, however, outshines my girl crush on Rose McGowan. I’d consider switching teams for a lot of the women I just mentioned but there would be no consideration involved with Rose. I adore her. She’s stunning. I don’t care how much work she’s had done. I don’t even really care what she looks like. My crush on Rose is all about her attitude. She’s just a confident, tough, independent, outspoken woman and I am so incredibly attracted to all of those qualities. These photos, shot in Paris, show the glammed up Rose I so love seeing. I love this woman. Marry me, Rose! That’s perfectly legal here. Of course, I’m already married but I’m sure something could be arranged.