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July 6, 2013
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Miley Cyrus Camel Toe?

Here we go again: the great camel toe debate. I’m terrible at spotting camel toes, to be honest, but it looks like Miley’s sporting a pretty serious one in that first photo. Am I crazy to think that? It’s likely just weird short bunching or something like that but that’s what I see. Anyway, so I like these shots. I think Miley looks great. I’m still loving the hair and I’m loving the outfit here. I especially like how much fun it looks like Miley’s having in these photos. I love seeing a celebrity enjoying what they do for a living. I am also seriously in love with the belt she’s wearing. I want one of those for myself. I don’t think I have anything to wear it with, but I want it anyway. Great photos of a real hottie – camel toe or not.

November 10, 2010

Miley Cyrus Flashes Some Side Boob

‘Just breathe’ indeed. Oh Miley. I just can’t even find the words. It takes a pretty special performer to flash side boob on the red carpet and what may be a little camel toe on stage. Now we all know Miley has ‘just breathe’ tattooed on an area that, while not necessarily indecent, still isn’t on a place we should be able to see. I have so much to say about these pictures but, really, it will just turn into another giant rant about how much I loathe this chick. Instead, I’ll say the only thing nice I can say about these pictures. This is Miley Cyrus at the MTV Europe Music Awards. The end.