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March 2, 2013

Miranda Kerr Frolics On The Beach In Lingerie

I adore Miranda Kerr. She’s so beautiful and she seems like such a fun, free spirited person. That really shows in these photos. You might be able to see a little more in these photos than Miranda was intending but I don’t think that would bother her all that much. She just doesn’t seem all that hung up on that sort of thing. I love these photos. They’re so lighthearted and fun. I have to assume they were for some sort of lingerie photo shoot – likely Victoria’s Secret – but I’m not all that concerned with why they were taken. I’m just glad they were. She’s just such a lovely woman. It’s always a pleasure to have the chance to write about her.

April 4, 2008
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Miranda Kerr Springs Around In Palm Springs

This is a bonanza on Miranda Kerr’s candid camera shots up and about in Palm Springs. She looked like a killer in those chunky platforms. She was beautiful and even the wind thought so too as it tried to devour her by playing with her neckline. It was a heavy dress that held down the skirt so there were no upskirt shots. Miranda wore her jeans well too as she flexed her knees and showed her sexy figure to advantage.

Miranda Kerr