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July 27, 2013

Alyssa Milano Looks Kind Of Weird But Still Gorgeous

So I’ve been watching Alyssa Milano’s new series, Mistresses, and I have to say it’s really nice to see Alyssa on something that actually has a chance at getting a second season. I’m not sure the ratings guarantee that but it hasn’t been a miserable failure. Is it a good show? Well, it’s very heavy on the drama but I think that’s part of why it works. It’s a nighttime soap, more or less, but it’s a great show to get sucked into as a guilty pleasure. I know I’m excited to see what happens next. In these photos, snapped¬†in New York City, Alyssa looks great but there’s something weird going on with her face in that first photo. Maybe the eye makeup is too dark or something. In any event, she still looks good. I swear I’ve been in love with this woman since I was but a young thing. Maybe I’m a little biased.

July 17, 2013
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A Very Pregnant Raffaella Fico On The Runway In Milan

So here we have some shots of a Raffaella Fico looking very pregnant in a bikini on the runway in Milan and I gotta say – I really like the photos. I love the expression on her face in that first shot. I’m not sure exactly what that expression says but I think it’s absolutely adorable. I have to hand it to the designer who put on this show. Not a lot of designers would put one of their models up on the runway looking that pregnant but honestly, I really like the results. I’m not one of those people that thinks a woman is at her most beautiful when she’s pregnant but I do like the idea that there are people out there willing to show us that pregnant women can feel just as sexy and confident as non-pregnant women. This isn’t exactly a bare naked photoshoot on the cover of a magazine but I kind of prefer this.

June 9, 2013

Denise Milani Shows Off Her Ginormous Boobs

I know it may seem like I focus on the boobs when I write about Denise Milani but seriously – how is it possible to focus on anything else? She clearly has no problem showing them off but to be fair, I’m quite certain there is no way she can do anything other than show them off. Those things would still stand out if she was wearing a parka. It’s just a little ridiculous. I think the boobs are a bit too big but I’m sure a whole lot of men out there disagree with me. Monsterboobs aside, I really do like these photos. Denise has such a pretty face and such a unique look. I really like this girl and I really love these shots.

June 8, 2013

Big Breasted Denise Milani In Sexy Swimwear Shoot

Those things aren’t real, right? They can’t be real. There’s just no way. They’re so not proportionate with the rest of her body. I’m not going to complain too much though. Real knockers or not, Denise Milani looks absolutely fantastic in these photos. I love a sexy girl in a nice one piece swimsuit. I write about so many bikini pics here that it’s nice to see a one piece every now and again. This Czechoslovakian model is very nearly perfect. If I’m being honest, I think the breasts are a little too big but hey, I’m sure I’m in the minority on that one. All in all, a stunning set of photos of a very pretty girl.

May 18, 2013
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Alyssa Milano Looks Adorable But What’s Up With The Outfit?

I love Alyssa Milano. I have loved her since her days on Who’s the Boss and have loved each and every thing she’s done since then. One of the highlights of my short lived time on Twitter was getting to tweet back and forth with Alyssa one day about sports. I’m not really a huge sports fan but Alyssa has a way of making me interested. What does any of that have to do with these photos of Alyssa¬†on the set of “Extra” in Los Angeles? Well, nothing but I wanted to make it clear that I adore this girl before I write about how much I loathe this outfit. Alyssa is an incredibly beautiful woman. I don’t understand why she would choose an outfit that’s so unflattering. It’s distracting, really. Alyssa is still in fantastic shape and she has such a beautiful face. I want to be able to focus on all of that but instead, I can’t stop looking at the high waisted skirt and the bizarre shirt. I still love her though – still love her a lot. It’s just the outfit I’m not a big fan of.

January 17, 2013
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Belen Rodriguez Upskirt Shot In Milan.

I love Belen Rodriguez but I generally don’t love upskirt shots so these photos inspire complicated feelings in me. I think she looks gorgeous but perhaps the dress is just a little bit too short considering it doesn’t look like she’s wearing anything on her bottom half when she sits down. At least she recognized that and chose to wear panties. That would’ve been a little embarrassing for her. Upskirt shots or not, I think Belen looks gorgeous here at the John Richmond fashion show in Milan. Despite the shortness creating backseat problems, I think her dress looks fabulous on her. It shows off her gorgeous legs – one of my favorite things about this beautiful babe. Definitely great pictures over all.