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July 7, 2009

Lady Gaga’s Amazing Cheeky Ass

Top performer and recording artist Lady Gaga looking hot as she arrive in London Hotel wearing a blonde wig, drawn eyebrows, nice pantyhose, and a black tiny panty or shall we call it a thong. Despite of all the eye-catching things she has, the most noticeable she got is her amazing cheeky ass that has been freely exposed in these photos. Lady Gaga is known for her extreme fashion style and this one she has in these photos is just another unique fashion sense she got right there. Despite of that noticeable fashion taste she got, it looks good at her as she always compliments it with some wigs, accessories and the like.

July 5, 2012

Jennifer Lopez Still Has An Ass That Won’t Quit.

Even after all these years, Jennifer Lopez still has one of the finest backsides in the business and she still isn’t shy about showing it off. In these photos from Soñando por Bailar, Argentina, Jennifer looks fabulous. Her dress compliments her finest physical features beautifully – most of all that fine rear end she’s so famous for. It looks like that hasn’t gone unnoticed. If I were to ever meet the lovely Miss. Lopez, I may have to bow down as well. It’s kind of amazing how much something like “American Idol” can impact a person’s career and reputation. Before Idol, Lopez was seen as a diva. Now she has a much more positive image. My mind is among the minds that were changed. I love this women. I hope she changes her mind and comes back for another season.

January 4, 2012
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Amazing Underwear Shots Of Jessica Jane Clement

The last time I posted about Jessica Jane Clement, I confused her with a porn star. I will not make that same mistake again. Jessica Jane is not in fact a porn star but is instead a model, actress and television personality. She’s almost completely smoking hot. That really should’ve been my first clue that she wasn’t the girl I thought she was. Sure porn stars can be hot but they’re usually not this kind of hot. Even during an underwear photoshoot there’s something classy about Jessica. Perhaps it’s the way she carries herself. Regardless, she looks absolutely beautiful in these pictures and I feel my whole day is better for having seen them.

October 13, 2011

Sexy Ass Shots Of Melissa Satta In Spain

Every time I see pictures of Melissa Satta I fall a little more in love with her. Absolutely beautiful. Amazing, even. Of course her body is ridiculous and that ass of hers is pretty close to perfect. Of course she has a beautiful face and hair that women everywhere pay good money for. What I love most about Melissa, however, is that she looks like a normal girl just hanging out on the beach with her family. That appeals to me. She doesn’t seem all hung up on being famous or looking perfect. I suppose the whole looking perfect thing just comes naturally to her. Here in Formentera, Spain we get to see more of Melissa’s classic beauty and I’m thrilled for that chance. This girl is, quite simply, flawless.

December 29, 2009
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The Amazing Avril Lavigne

Well, life’s all about moving on, and that’s pretty evident from these images from St Barth. For those who loved Avril from her tiny skinny spunky days, these images maybe a shocker considering she’s piled on quite a few kilos. Not really commenting on the good and bad of it now because what’s really noteworthy is the fact that she’s out now enjoying life after her marriage broke up last month. She still know how to keep the paparazzi away with those big glasses and pretty tresses all over the place ensuring that a clean shot becomes a piece of art.

Avril Lavigne

August 4, 2009

Hot Ass Of Carolina Baldini

If you want to see some hot ass, nice abs, and a little of cameltoe, then you should be in the beach where the hot ass of Carolina Baldini is. The sexy model is now back to the world of modeling after she got married to a football player Simeone and promised to be back. Wearing a white two-piece white bikini, Carolina looks extremely sexy. The nice tan she got made her bikini stand out and noticeable. Women will definitely get envy of her honed and toned body, and of the amazingly long legs is what every woman loves to have.

Carolina Baldini

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