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June 30, 2011

Kim Kardashian Upskirt Candids

You gotta give Kim Kardashian credit. She really has turned her sex tape and the infamy that came along with it into a multimedia empire. Here on “Project Runway” in New York, Kim reminds us, though, that the days of flashing her junk for the camera aren’t entirely over. Sure she’s wearing panties, but you’d think that someone who so constantly whines about her sex tape and how embarrassing it was would be a little more careful when sitting down in a short skirt. Ah well. Where would the fun in that be. With the confirmation that her famous ass is in fact real, I guess she needed something to keep people talking about her. It worked I suppose. With that said, I wouldn’t be surprised if another sex tape pops up one day. Kim seems smart, but is she smart enough to not make the same mistake twice? I hope not.

June 24, 2011
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Maria Fowler Upskirt Pics

Wow… Maria Fowler is one classy babe. I almost don’t know what to say about this one. She’s most well known as a model and Page 3 Girl but she’s also starting to gain recognition for her supporting role on ‘The Only Way Is Essex’. With pictures like these though, snapped as she was leaving Cafe Boheme in London, England, make me think that before long she’s going to be known for being a sloppy party skank. Am I being to quick to judge? Take a look at the pictures. Flashing her panties to the press and looking about ready to pass out in the backseat of the car. Yeah… that’s how you earn respect in the entertainment industry. Honestly though, does anyone think respect is what this girl’s after? No, it’s attention so I guess she can chalk it up as mission accomplished.

May 17, 2011
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Diane Kruger Upskirt Pictures

There is something about Diane Kruger I absolutely adore. She seems like such a carefree girl – especially in these pictures from Cannes. There’s something appealing about a woman that looks like she’s just sort of hanging out and taking it all in. Usually I find upskirt shots a little trashy but Diane just genuinely doesn’t seem to care, so neither do I. She has the kind of classic yet modern beauty that you don’t really see very often. She has a gorgeous face and a gorgeous body but a laid back sort of style. One gets the impression that she doesn’t spend a lot of time thinking about her appearance. Her beauty is effortless and while I’m jealous of that, I also appreciate it. Love this woman.

April 30, 2011

Recent Kate Middleton Upskirt

I didn’t watch the Royal Wedding. I looked at a few pictures of Kate Middleton in her wedding dress (stunning!) but that was the extent of my interest in the wedding. Sure it was a sort of fairytale – grand and romantic – but that’s just really not my thing. With that said… I feel a little dirty about this post. Kate isn’t really a celebrity is she? I mean, she is but she’s definitely not the same kind of celebrity as Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and those sort of people. Kate’s a celeb because she full in love with Prince William and he fell in love with her. Posting upskirt pics of her… just feels wrong. That said, it’s not my call, so here they are. I don’t care though. She’s still a classy babe.

February 8, 2011
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Paulina Rubio Upskirt

I know a lot of people say women looking for a little publicity boost will flash their panties ‘on purpose’. I don’t think that’s always the case. Wearing a short skirt and getting in a car can be a little difficult without flashing a little something. I really think that was the case with Paulina Rubio. She doesn’t seem entirely aware her underwear is showing and one has to assume, had she been planning this, she would’ve chosen something a little sexier to flash. Paulina is known for her sexy performances. These panties just don’t fit in with her rep. Who knows, though? Anything’s possible these days.

July 26, 2009

Closeup Upskirt Photos Of Ali Larter

Heroes actress Ali Larter was spotted having a relaxing walk and was successfully shoot with a close-up upskirt photos. With all the ass skin shows, I must say that she has a nice clean ass. The first time I glanced at these photos, I cannot help but throw a big smile on my face. The orange haltered dress looks good on her and looks even better as she goes down that causes to show off her ass. I am not sure what she is doing down there. What I am sure about is that, many of the eyes around here are rolling to witness the wonderful show that is happening live on the busy sidewalks where Ali Larter was. Enough reading, go check those upskirt photos!

Ali Larter

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