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August 10, 2013
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And Now Some Helen Flanagan Bikini Pics I Actually Like

Yeah, I know. I’m all over the map when it comes to Helen Flanagan. Sometimes I like her. Sometimes I don’t. This time, I love her. It’s nice to see Helen just relaxing and enjoying herself. Instead of trying to be sexy and showing off for the cameras, she just seems to be trying to enjoy her day. It just so happens that she’s wearing a bikini while she does it, but she’s at a water park in Florida so that makes sense. Here’s the truth though: this just doesn’t look like the Helen Flanagan I know. She looks so different, I wasn’t even entirely sure this was really her. I like the more stripped back girl. She is much easier to relate to.

August 5, 2013
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Super Sexy Eva Longoria Bikini Pics From Spain

Oh man. How much do I love Eva Longoria? As an extension of that thought, how much do I love Eva Longoria in a bikini? These shots were snapped in Spain as Eva spent a little time relaxing by the pool and looking incredible while she did it. Eva is definitely one of the sexiest women we post here on a regular basis, at least in my opinion. That body of hers is absolutely incredible and it’s so fantastic that she never seems unwilling to show it off. Did anyone else see her as a guest star on¬†Masterchef recently? It was a real treat for me. One of my favorite female celebs on one of my favorite reality competition shows.

August 3, 2013

Claudia Romani Goes Paddle Boarding In A Bikini

Sometimes when I’m having a bad day, I log in to this site to check my assignments in hopes that there will be at least one Claudia Romani photo set on the list. Why? Because Claudia always makes me feel happy. It doesn’t matter what’s going on. She just makes me smile. Maybe she doesn’t make me quite as giddy as Maria Menounos but it’s pretty damn close. These photos, snapped in Miami, are no exception. Claudia looks killer in her bikini, just as one would expect, but she also looks like she’s having a pretty good time out there on the water. Paddle boarding looks like a lot of fun. Perhaps I’ll have to try it sometime this summer.

August 3, 2013
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Courtney Stodden Wears A Lettuce Bikini

Do I even need to say how much I dislike Courtney Stodden? While it’s nice to see her supporting a good cause, I don’t for a second believe she’s supporting it because she believes in it. I fully believe Courtney is involved with PETA because it gives her a chance to pull stunts like this one – wearing a lettuce leaf bikini in Hollywood. I like the message of PETA because I am all for animal rights but I sometimes feel their message gets lost in their methods. Working with Courtney is a pretty good example of that. There must be all sorts of other celebrities out there who would have been willing to help who are actual celebrities and would give the cause credibility. ¬†Instead, PETA opted to work with a desperate fame whore who does nothing at all to improve the image of their organization. Shame, really.

July 29, 2013
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Hot Taylor Swift Bikini Pics

People like to hate on poor Taylor Swift but I am not one of those people. I think she’s a lovely young woman. She’s talented, beautiful and seems to know how to enjoy herself without going crazy. In the entertainment industry, that last one isn’t exactly common. In these shots, we get to see Taylor Swift in a bikini in Westerly, Mass as she spends a little time paddleboarding and I have to admit, it looks like she’s having a lot of fun. I’m not loving the high waisted bikini bottoms in terms of aesthetics but it looks like they’d be comfortable so I have to give her credit for that. Great Taylor Swift bikini candids.

July 28, 2013
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Sexy Cara Delevingne Bikini Pics

I really like Cara Delevingne. I think she’s stunning. I’ve heard people say they don’t really find her all that attractive but I can’t understand why. My confusion over that “not that attractive” thing is only strengthened by these photos of the gorgeous model in bikini in Monaco. She’s got a fantastic body and a beautiful face. There’s something unique about her look that also really speaks to me. I also have to admit that I really, really like the bikini she’s wearing in these photos. I like the pattern on it a lot. I don’t care what anyone says. I think Cara is gorgeous and I therefore really like these shots.