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July 24, 2012
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AnnaLynne McCord Sizzles In A Mismatched Bikini In LA.

It feels like it’s been ages since we’ve gotten new AnnaLynne McCord bikini pics. Maybe it hasn’t actually been all that long but it still feels that way. I’ve missed pictures like these. I really have. The first thing I noticed when I looked at these photos is how much healthier AnnaLynne looks. She was verging on too thin there for a while but she looks like she doesn’t look quite as thin anymore. She looks toned and fit. It looks like she’s been spending some time in a gym not like she’s been eating nothing but a celery stick for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Above all that though, the one thing that stands out about these pictures of AnnaLynne in LA is her smile. This woman has such an incredible smile. While her show, “90210”, isn’t quite as hot as it once was, AnnaLynne doesn’t seem to be letting that get her down and why would she? I’m sure she’ll have a career long after “90210” is off the air.

December 8, 2010

AnnaLynne McCord Buys Shoes

Okay, what’s the deal with AnnaLynne McCord and Twilight hottie Kellan Lutz. Before I get into the usual, AnnaLynne’s so hot stuff, I need to pose that question. They break up, they get back together. They break up again and have a not-so-secret meeting at a seedy motel. Come on, kids. Like we won’t know it’s you guys because you’re wearing baseball caps. Real masters of disguise, these two are. Anyway, whatever. Here’s AnnaLynne buying some shoes in Fox Hill Mall and looking her normal gorgeous self while she does it. I wonder if, somewhere out there, a bad picture of this woman exists. I doubt it. I certainly haven’t seen it yet.

September 23, 2010

AnnaLynne McCord At The Heel-A-Thon Run

AnnaLynna McCord is taking a break from her usual strutting around in bikinis to participate in the Heel-athon run in Central Park alongside one of my favorite actresses, Kristin Chenoweth and daytime star Kelly Rippa. For those that don’t know, the Heel-A-Thon run raises money for National Institute of Health’s The Heart Truth Campaign. The Heart Truth Campaign seeks to educate women and men about heart disease through activities such as this run. Kelly Rippa came up with the idea for the Heel-A-Thon when she had to run through the studio where her show, Live with Regis and Kelly, is filmed. These three beautiful ladies picked their favorite pair of heels, donned matching black running pants and looked like they were excited for the race as they waited for the race to begin at the starting line. It’s great to see AnnaLynne, Kelly and Kristen participating in such a good cause and doing their part to raise awareness of this important campaign. Way to go, ladies!

August 18, 2010
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AnnaLynne McCord In Green Herve Leger

Well knock me over with a feather! AnnaLynne McCord is wearing more than a bikini – sorta. I’ve gotta hand it to the babe. She makes leaving the house with as little clothes on as possible an art form. I’m not hating on the girl for that though. If I had a body like that I’d be showing it off as often as possible too. Here at the Breakthrough of the Year Awards, AnnaLynne shows the world that even when she isn’t clad in a bikini, she can set a room on fire. All eyes were on AnnaLynne and with good reason. She’s a knockout. My only complaint, the girl needs to eat a sandwich or a salad – heck, even a tomato. She’s looking a tad on the skinny side, but other than that, she looks gorgeous.

February 5, 2009
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AnnaLynne McCord In The Fitting Room

AnnaLynne McCord was on a break from filming β€œ90210”. McCord and her sister Rachel went shopping at Harmony Lane boutique in Beverly Hills on February 3. AnnaLynne had fun trying on various outfits in the fitting room. She was a good sport as she posed for the camera. There are rumors circulating on McCord being in negotiations to play Heidi in β€œNew Moon.” That is a minor role but it will give McCord international exposure. There are no confirmations yet from the relevant parties.

AnnaLynne McCord

September 10, 2009

Katherine Jenkins In Her Sexy 10k Run Outfit

Welsh award winning mezzo-soprano artist Katherine Jenkins taking a break on her performances and joins with more than 2,000 other runner to participate the HSBC Cardiff 10K run that benefits the kids with Kidney Cancer that impresses many of her fans. Wearing a Nike sky blue kit and figure-hugging black leggings, Katherine was able to package her healthy physique in this nice outfit. The artist happily raised her hands as she crossed the finish line in Westgate Street that took her an hour and 10 minutes to finish. Other celebrities who joined with Katherine in the event was Alex Jones, Jamie Owen, Angela Jay, and Lynne Allbutt.

Katherine Jenkins