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September 23, 2013
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Christina Aguilera Looks Amazing

A lot of people gave Christina Aguilera a hard time about her weight for a long time and I don’t think that’s fair at all. She was a little larger than she used to be for a long time but I always thought she was super sexy – one of the sexiest women in the entertainment industry, in my opinion. It is nice to see her slimming down and toning up again though. She just looks a bit healthier and a bit happier. For me though, Christina’s appeal has never solely been about her looks. I’ve been a huge fan of this lady’s voice since I was a teenager and that has never changed. It’s nice to see her back with Adam Levine and the gang again for The Voice. She was always one of my favorite coaches although I have to admit, I really did like Shakira a lot. All the same, Christina looks incredible in these photos. She’s a beautiful woman with a ton of talent.

June 28, 2013
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Christina Aguilera Has Really Slimmed Down

I have always found Christina Aguilera extremely beautiful, regardless of her size. I thought she was beautiful when she was smaller. I thought she was beautiful when she was bigger. I think she’s beautiful now that she’s somewhere in between. I am a firm believer that beauty comes in all sizes and I think Christina is a great example of that. In these photos taken at LAX, Christina is definitely showing off a trimmer physique but she’s not doing it in a trashy way. Sometimes when a woman loses weight, she feels the need to really flaunt her slimmer body – especially in the entertainment industry but Christina doesn’t appear to have that need. I’ve always liked Christina is more casual clothes. We see so much of her all glammed up. It’s nice to see that she can keep it simple too.

May 17, 2013
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Christina Aguilera Flashback: Sexy Rolling Stone Pictures From 2003

I know people like to give Christina Aguilera a hard time about gaining weight but I’ve always thought she was gorgeous, regardless of her body type. There’s just something about her I find incredibly appealing. That something is on full display in these photos from Rolling Stone magazine (June 2003). First, I love the nipple rings peeking through the shirt. Maybe it’s a little trashy but Christina was going through her trashy phase back then and I always felt it worked for her. She really owned the super sexual image she fostered and I always got the feeling she was in control. I found that incredibly sexy. I find it incredibly sexy in these photos as well. I have to admit I don’t love the black hair but it was an interesting experiment. I’m glad she didn’t stick with it long though.

October 29, 2012
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Christina Aguilera Loves Halloween And It Shows.

Christina Aguilera is by far one of my favorite pop musicians. Her voice is killer and I think she’s absolutely beautiful. It’s hard to believe this is the same woman from back in the “Dirrrty” days. Yes, there’s more to her than there was back then but I couldn’t care less. Neither could she. This is a woman who owns her body and loves who she is. I love her confidence. This is the kind of woman who can shrug off the criticism her new, fuller figure gets, slip into something short and sexy for Halloween and not just tell the world she doesn’t care what people say but show them as well. So far this year, Christina’s costume is my favorite this year – dramatic, over the top and sexy. This is a woman who knows how to do Halloween.

October 6, 2012

Christina Aguilera At The George McGovern Leadership Award Ceremony

I love Christina Aguilera. When I was growing up, I listened to Christina’s songs on repeat, floored by her incredibly voice. While she’s had her share of ups and downs in her career, I have never stopped being a huge fan of everything she does. Here at the George McGovern Leadership Award Ceremony in Washington DC, Christina tones down her usually over the top look and opts for something a little more appropriate for the occasion. While the dress may be a little low cut, it’s still very classy and stylish. I mostly love her makeup here. She’s gone for a far more subdued look and I really enjoy it. This woman is beautiful, skinny or curvy. I adore her and I will miss her terribly next season on “The Voice”.

October 3, 2012

Christina Aguilera Owns Her Curves.

I’m not always a huge fan of how “made up” Christina Aguilera looks most of the time but I also recognize that’s the look she wants and I have to give her credit for going with it. This is a woman who knows who she is and what she wants and I respect that endlessly. I’m not a huge fan of her new single but like to many of her other singles, it’s really starting to grow on me. I’m excited for her new work. I’m going to miss her next season on “The Voice” (if I decide to tune in) because I think the show really needs her personality but I have high hopes for Shakira and apparently, “The Voice” is willing to let Christina come back down the road when her schedule is a little less hectic. I look forward to that.