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July 9, 2013
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Dakota Fanning Hides Behind Her Hair

Maybe all is not lost for me. I’m looking at these photos of Dakota Fanning and I’m actually thinking she looks pretty cute. We can’t see her face but I think that’s what I like. It’s not that I find her face unattractive. If you’ve been reading my posts about Dakota, you know that isn’t the case. I just think it’s cute the way she’s hiding. I think this girl is great. As she’s out in LA, it’s clear she has little to no interest whatsoever in being photographed and I find that refreshing. Some of the girls I post about on here – whose names I will not mention – call the paps on themselves to make sure they get their picture online or in magazines. That isn’t what Dakota is all about. She seems like an exceptionally down to earth girl and I really, really find that appealing. I like these pictures, even if we don’t really get to see Dakota in them.

Dakota Fanning Hides Behind Her Hair

July 4, 2013
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Dakota Fanning Is A Skirt And Heels

I think Dakota Fanning is adorable. I don’t think she’s necessarily the most traditionally attractive young actress in the entertainment industry today but that doesn’t matter. Dakota has a unique look. She stands out from the crowd and that really appeals to me. Besides, Dakota hasn’t gotten where she is on her looks. This girl has real talent. She has the kind of talent I’m sure will take her to the Academy Awards stage one day. In these photos, we see Dakota sporting a skirt and high heels as she heads out for a day in NYC. I love the outfit. It’s classy but still youthful and fun – three words I would use to describe Dakota herself so I think the outfit was the perfect choice for her. I love how this girl has managed to avoid all of the common child star trappings and I hope that continues.

Dakota Fanning Is A Skirt And Heels

May 17, 2013
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Dakota Fanning Is Really Growing Up

Dakota Fanning is one of those young actresses I find myself fascinated by. She’s so talented, so beautiful, and so completely fearless with the roles she takes. I remember watching her in Hounddog and thinking to myself that it really took guts to take on that kind of role at such a young age. I also like the fact that she seems to only take roles she’s interested in even if they’re low budget films. So many young women her age go for the roles that offer the biggest paychecks but Dakota seems to have avoided that. It’s weird for me to see how grown up she’s looking though. She still has that youthful attitude shining through in these photos from the Met Gala 2013 in NYC but there’s a maturity about her that seems beyond her years. This is a young woman that has serious staying power in this business and I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see her accepting a Best Actress Oscar one day.

Dakota Fanning Is Really Growing Up

December 3, 2010

Dakota Fanning Hits The Gym

Dakota Fanning may not be the most beautiful girl in Hollywood, but she is without question one of the most talented. A lot of press types would say she’s a great actress for her age but looking over the Hollywood landscape and what if offers in terms of female talent, I’d be hard pressed to find an actress of any age with the talent this girl has. If you need proof, check her out in ‘The Secret Life of Bees’ or ‘Hounddog’. She’s brilliant and honestly, not to hard on the eyes either. Here leaving a gym in LA, Dakota looks like her usual thin self, but what I love about her is that although she looks a little too skinny, it isn’t hard to believe that she’s just naturally slim. I don’t think she has any of the typical eating disorders or drug habits most stick thin celebs have which makes her even more appealing. I love this girl. I can say almost with complete certainty that there’s a little gold man named Oscar in her future.

Dakota Fanning hits the gym

September 10, 2008

Alicia Keys Talks About “Secret Life Of Bees”

Alicia Keys talked about her film role in the “Secret Life Of Bees” press conference during the 2008 Toronto International Film Festival. It was held in Toronto, Canada. Keys will be in the same cast as Jennifer Hudson, Sophie Okonedo, Dakota Fanning and Queen Latifah. The movie is about sisterhood. Keys said that the female cast connected and shared a feeling akin to being part of a family. At the end of the film’s shooting, she felt sad that they had to part to return to their separate ways.

Alicia Keys talks about Secret Life Of Bees