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May 9, 2011

Eva Longoria Is A Classy Babe

Eva Longoria makes me smile. I can’t really figure out what exactly it is about her that has that effect on me, but it’s the truth all the same. She’s a stunning woman but she doesn’t seem like the sort of woman that’s completely hung up on her looks. She’s been photographed looking less than gorgeous, but it doesn’t real seem to bother her a whole lot. When it comes time to hit the red carpet though or attend some sort of social function you can be almost certain that Eva is going to look beautiful. She also doesn’t need to flash a lot of skin to be sexy. Just take a look at her in this relatively demure ensemble. She’s still sexy while remaining classy. I love this girl.

June 6, 2009

Eva Longoria’s Sexy Ass

Women are very much aware and conscious on their sexy bodies. So as the American film and television actress Eva Longoria. You will definitely see it as she did a photo shoot for the June 2009 issue of GQ Magazine Mexico. Longoria has shown her beautifully shaped body, toned long legs and the undeniable sexy ass on these photos. The Desperate Housewives star obviously has the perfect shape that every woman is going to envy. The black corset that embraces her body, and the bikini shot shows it. Eva Longoria will be the cover girl of GQ Magazine Mexico June 2009.

Eva Longoria

February 19, 2008

Eva Longoria Tans Her Hot Ass In Mexico

Eva Longoria and her darling hubby, Tony Parker, have taken a well deserved break from their professional lives. He has been busy with his training sessions while she has been busy with her movie’s promotions. These celebrities spend a lot of their lives apart and the only time they are left in peace together is when they take a vacation off somewhere, out of the US. That’s why Mexico is a hot spot for them. They are at the Los Cabos villas, in Mexico.

Eva Longoria Ass

May 1, 2014
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Eva Longoria Never Disappoints

I know there are a lot of people who come here on a regular basis that aren’t exactly raving Eva Longoria fans like me but I just can’t help myself. Every time I see her name I get so excited. I love this woman. I think she’s the epitome of class and beauty, even if she doesn’t get credit for the former nearly enough. I think these shots, snapped in Los Angeles, are wonderful. They bring a smile to my face and to me, that counts for a lot. I don’t think I could love these photos more. I hate to keep raving on about her post after post but I can’t stop myself. This woman just makes me happy.

June 4, 2013

Eva Longoria Takes A Stroll In LA

I absolutely love how many Eva Longoria photo sets are popping up on my assignment list as of late. It’s always such a pleasure to write about her. She’s stunning, smart, funny and is the kind of woman that really has the ability to look incredible without a lot of makeup. She’s just such a natural beauty and that really appeals to me. She also strikes me as a very self confident person who feels comfortable with who she is and comfortable in her own skin. In these photos, snapped in LA, Eva is looking adorable. I’m normally not a fan of bright yellow but Eva really makes it work. Although some might argue her career has stalled a little bit over the last little while, I can see that changing, even if she goes in a bit of a different direction. There has been some talk of Eva getting involved in politics and I’d love to see that. She’s a smart, strong woman I think could do a lot of good in politics … or could at least try.

September 13, 2012

Eva Longoria Looking Adorable On Extra At The Grove

I adore – absolutely adore – Eva Longoria. She’s beautiful, talented, smart and outspoken. She uses her position as a public figure to support causes that are important to her and she always does so in an intelligent and passionate way. I don’t subscribe to the theory that actors/actresses/musicians should do what they’re paid to do and keep their opinions to themselves. Clearly Eva doesn’t either and I respect and admire her for that. Here on the set of “Extra” at the Grove in Los Angeles, Eva looks beautiful. I have to admit to being slightly distracted though because, come on, Mario Lopez is in the photos too and that man is just ten kinds of smoking hot. Great pictures over all.