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September 17, 2013

Gemma Atkinson Reminds Me Of Why I Love This Job

Life, ya know? It can be a real pain in the ass sometimes. Nothing works out the way it’s supposed to and at the same time, the things that were working out decide to fall apart simultaneously. It’s just one of those things. When those times hit, we serve ourselves well by reminding ourselves that everyone has their ‘fml’ times. 2013 has, so far, at least, been the year of FML for me. Then I get word that this job still exists and I still get to write about photos like these ones – photos of beautiful women (Gemma Atkinson in this case) sunbathing in bikinis – which makes the whole life thing seem a little less unfair. I mean, as far as employment goes, I have it pretty good. This is my job. It might not be paying the bills at the moment but waiting for a paycheck becomes a bit easier when your job involves writing about the best boobs and butts in the world all day.

December 19, 2012

Gemma Atkinson Out For A Job In The Hollywood Hills

I have a serious soft spot for Gemma Atkinson. Her body is incredible, of course, but there’s something else about her that I really find appealing. I’m just not quite sure what that ‘something else’ is. I think it’s the fact that I see something very wholesome about her. I think it’s something in her bone structure. Regardless, she’s by far one of my favorite models simply because I feel there is something a little different about her. Here in these photos (shot in the Hollywood Hills), Gemma looks incredible, showing off her ridiculously toned body while still looking like she’s having a good time. Perhaps that’s part of why I like these photos so much. Fun is the last thing I think when I exercise. I find the idea that she seems to enjoy it intriguing.

October 12, 2012

Sexy New Bikini Pics Of Gemma Atkinson.

I have to say there’s always something exciting about opening up a new batch of Gemma Atkinson bikini pics. I always know they’ll be hot and this new batch of the beautiful glamour model in Aruba certainly haven’t disappointed. This woman is a stunner – absolutely gorgeous. I love the tiny little tattoo on the small of her back. It draws the eye to that lovely behind but it isn’t overwhelming or distracting. It’s a nice, delicate touch and I really find that appealing. I love tattoos on a beautiful girl and while I do like bigger pieces of body art, there is definitely something to be said for a lovely peek-a-boo piece like Gemma’s. All in all, these photos are a real treat and didn’t disappoint in the least.

September 6, 2012

Gemma Atkinson Looks Hot In Her Bikini On Her Vacation In Aruba.

First things first – how badly do I want to be in Aruba right now? Gemma Atkinson is hot and all and looks super crazy sexy in her bikini but just look at that beach! The water looks amazing. Of course, as I write this, it’s a grey, dreary day filled with rain, cold and general unhappiness so that may have something to do with my location envy. Anyway, back to the matter at hand – Gemma Atkinson and how smoking hot she is. I love this woman. There’s just something so appealing about her. I think it has something to do with the fact that despite her success as a model, she still just seems like a regular girl. I think that’s fantastic. She likes to hang out and have fun with her significant other and doesn’t seem too concerned about how she looks while she does it. Love her.

July 18, 2010

Gemma Atkinson In Bikini And Denim Cut Offs

There is something about Gemma Atkinson that raises the already hot temperatures of Miami to a fever pitch. Oh right – it’s her smoking hot body. Her tiny sexy blue and white stripped bikini shows off just enough skin to make jaws drop but still leaves a little something to the imagination. The denim cut offs complete the look as she takes a break from the water and does a little workout on the rings and straps on a pair of roller blades for a little inline activity. Know what else is in line? The men begging for more and wishing they had a shot with this British beauty.

September 9, 2009

Astounding Toned Body Of Gemma Atkinson

Surely, people will get tongue-tied the moment they will see the astounding photos of glamour model Gemm Atkinson. Wearing a different sexy outfit, Gemma and her toned and tanned body looks extremely hot especially is some of her photos with her cleavage proudly displayed. If you simply can’t get enough of this sexy lady, you can simply watch out some of her TV shows like The Bill and Plus One, both will soon be aired sometime on September and October respectively. In addition, aside from modeling and acting, Gemma also had an appearance in Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 video games as Lt. Eva McKenna.

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