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August 2, 2013
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Jennifer Love Hewitt Baby Bump Photos

I have been a big fan of Jennifer Love Hewitt for as long as I can remember. The lady is just absolutely stunning. It’s nice to see her doing so well these days. Jennifer has a bad reputation for being extremely unlucky in love and many have question why that is. She’s beautiful. She’s talented. She’s fairly successful. Why does she have such a hard time with men? It doesn’t matter! It never has and it especially doesn’t matter now. She seems to have it all working out for her now. I think that’s why I love these shots of Jennifer out and about in Beverly Hills so much. She just looks so happy. Great shots.

July 19, 2013
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I Forgot Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Pregnant

I don’t know how I managed to forget that one of my favorite actresses, Jennifer Love Hewitt, is pregnant. It’s just such happy news. This lady has had a rough go of it in the romance department but I’m hoping that’s changed. I have no doubt that she’ll make a fantastic mother though. She’s always been one of those celebrities that has managed to keep her name out of the scandal mags for the most part. I guess she’s made a few appearances for breakups and whatnot but I don’t think that really counts. Overall, she just strikes me as a very wholesome, well adjusted person in that we never hear about wild parties or out of control behavior which is refreshing. Here we see JLH at the Mickey Through the Decades Collection┬álaunch showing off her baby bump and she just looks so happy. She looks gorgeous, of course, but it’s the happy that really makes me, well, happy. I love this girl. It’s great to see her smiling.

June 25, 2012

Jennifer Love Hewitt Topless In A Cowboy Hat

I like Jennifer Love Hewitt. I’ve liked her for a long time – since her Party of Five days. While I never actually watched Party of Five, or The Ghost Whisperer for that matter, I like JLH as a personality. She seems like the type of girl you could just hang out with and talk about… I don’t know. Whatever normal girls talk about. She seems down to earth. What I like most about her is she’s always been able to laugh at herself. That changed somewhere along the way, though. I think it was around the time she was vilified by the media for daring to put on a few pounds. It’s a shame, really. God forbid a woman look healthy. Anyway, since then, Jennifer has seemed a little more humorless and that’s sad. Then pictures like these come along and I remember what I loved most about her. I’m not talking about her body – although, let’s be honest, that’s a hard body not to love. I’m talking about her playfulness and her ability to look almost innocent while taking her clothes off for the camera. She’s sexy and sweet – an irresistible combination if you can get it right and Jennifer definitely gets it right.

May 29, 2012

Jennifer Love Hewitt Shows Off Her Famous Cleavage

It is my imagination or does Jennifer Love Hewitt look like she’s headed to a photo shoot every time she leaves home? Jennifer looks camera ready as she leaves her house, Toluca Lake – all glammed up in full hair and makeup like she knew the paparazzi would be waiting for her. Smart girl. The paparazzi are always waiting. On a not entirely unrelated note, I am really loving Jennifer’s new show “The Client List”. I know Jennifer’s boobs tend to get more attention than her acting skills but I think “The Client List” gives her the chance to show off her talent as well as her body. I’m not completely sold on her Southern accent just yet but it seems to get better as the series goes on. It doesn’t matter what role she’s in though. It’s just great to see Jennifer on television again.

September 27, 2011

Jennifer Love Hewitt Is Sexy In Studio City

I know I’ve sometimes been hard on Jennifer Love Hewitt but it’s only because I love her so very much. I have been a J-love fan since I was but a teenager and I have been a fan ever since. She’s adorable in a super sexy sort of way. That’s not something you see very often. She’s funny and somehow wholesome while still being a total babe. She might not always bring her A-game when it comes to fashion, but here in Studio City she definitely did. Love the dress, love the shoes, love the body and love the girl. I hope to see even more photo sets of J-love like this one. I love being granted the opportunity to shower this beautiful woman with praise.

May 11, 2011

Is Jennifer Love Hewitt Fat?

No! Jennifer Love Hewitt is not fat, people! Come on! Leave the poor girl alone. Do you know why we have super skinny models and anorexic actresses that look more lollipop than woman? Because people like Jennifer Love Hewitt are called fat in this ridiculous industry. J-love definitely has a little extra weight, but what in the world is wrong with that? She’s sexy. She’s confident and, more importantly, she has a real woman’s body. Real women have boobs and curves. You can’t put your hand around a real woman’s waist and touch fingers on the other side. Here in Toluca Lake, Jennifer is stunning in a simple black dress with a cinched waist, but you just know some tool is going to say she’s getting fat. Ugh. Now I’m angry.

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