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December 1, 2009

Shauna Sand Sluty As Usual

Shauna Sand gets the award for being sluty, hands down. There is suppose to be controversy over her XXX rated sex tape being released. Her of course pretending to be the innocent one here not wanting to release the tape to the public. I think these photos show quite the opposite. A hand dressed Shauna acting quite proud of her sexual adventures with Lorenzo Lamas.
Honestly, so many sexier and hotter women out there at least leave a bit to the imagination. The white crocheted style dress and clear see-through heels sure help to get her noticed so all can see that hideous sign she is carried. C’mon TMZ and all media, lets find a new sex symbol that is not sooooo sluty.

Shauna Sand

November 5, 2008

Shauna Sand Looking Lifeless Yet Sexy

Is it really possible to look lifeless, sad and morose yet sexy and smashing? That’s what really struck me when I saw these pictures of Shauna Sand. The American actress and Playboy model, who’s probably best known as the former wife of heartthrob Lorenzo Lamas, looked a bit pensive in these photos. Yet, she was still a sight to behold in that lovely white revealing dress. Shauna also apparently dyed her hair platinum blonde. Do you think this is a good look for her?

Shauna Sand

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