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July 7, 2013
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Lucy Pinder Has Large Breasts And Other Massive Understatements

I can’t help looking at these photos of Lucy Pinder and wondering how often she’s asked if her breasts are real. It’s the first question I have when I look at these photos and I can’t imagine I’m the only one. I don’t honestly care if they’re real or fake. That’s never been a concern for me. I think fake breasts are fine. If a woman decides she wants to get implants, I say she should go ahead and do it. That doesn’t mean I’m not a little curious. Boob question aside, Lucy looks incredible in this lingerie shoot. Her body is fantastic but I also really like her facial features. She just has something unique about her looks and I like that. I think this girl is gorgeous and I love these photos.

November 24, 2012

Lucy Pinder Looks Smoking Hot In Her Lingerie.

Lucy Pinder. My good heavens some of these pictures are just out of this world. The only thing that bothers me about them is that some of the photos seem a little heavily airbrushed for my taste. She almost looks like a wax figure in a few of the shots. All the same, she does look incredible. I’m not sure I could choose a favorite photo, or even a favorite lingerie set. They’re all stunning. Would I wear any of it? Nope. I’m more of a simple bra and boy shorts kind of girl but that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy looking at women a little more confident than I am.

May 21, 2009

Lucy Pinder’s Natural Large Boobs

Being known of her natural large boobs, Lucy Pinder poses for some photos for the A1 GP promotional photo shoot. Lucy’s skimpy dress reveals her beautiful curves and unleashes her eye-catching cleavage. With the beautiful face, sexy body, and sexy poses hat Lucy has during the photo shoot, men will surely be dreaming of being with her. Aside from modeling, Lucy Pinder also appears on some television shows portraying herself, and the latest was at the Celebrity Big Brother UK 2009 in January 2, 2009 and getting 57% votes from the public, she was the first to be voted out on day 8, which was in January 9.

Lucy Pinder

January 5, 2009

Lucy Pinder’s Bountiful Bust

Lucy Pinder arrived at the set of the Big Brother House with her bag and showed a bountiful bust in her tight dress. Pinder is considered the sexiest women in Celebrity Big Brother 3. Pinder has ruffled feathers in the Big Brother house because the other women feel they are ignored when Pinder has the lion’s share of attention. This may mean the other women have to make sacrifices and up their game. Pinder has been linked to Ben Adams, the A1 boyband star.

Celebrity Big Brother 3

January 24, 2008

Lucy Pinder Leads Sexiest Protest!

We usually imagine protests like those that have sweaty, grimy people who keep on shouting and fighting for their advocacies and rights. Fortunately for those who want to see a little bit of difference nowadays, though, it looks like Lucy Pinder’s starting a “sexy protest” of sorts. Here she is along with Kayleigh Pearson as they hit the streets and fight against MTV. Is MTV really making beautiful people look stupid?

Lucy Pinder protests

November 21, 2007
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Learn Tennis With Lucy Pinder

Are you dying to learn all about tennis? Why don’t you join sexy bombshell Lucy Pinder? From the looks of these photos, she’s all too willing to share her time with you…although I doubt if you could really learn when you’re with her. Not when she’s wearing that tennis outfit THAT way!

Lucy Pinder Tennis