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March 18, 2008
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Nell McAndrew Is Your Angel

Nell McAndrew is all dressed and set to be your guardian angel. She wants to soothe your tired eyes with an upskirt photographic pose and ease your hunger pains with some sweet chips. She was the first British woman to pose nude for Playboy in 1999. That photo session got her fired from her role as the official Lara Croft model for the video game called as the Tomb Raider in 1998. She has never looked back since Playboy.

Nell Mcandrew

December 6, 2007

Kim Kardashian In Beverly Hills

Here is Kim Kardashian out and about Beverly Hills in one of her famous track suits. I guess pinky must be in the wash or something on this particular day. With all those sisters she has, you would think someone would give her the nudge that those track suits are quite possibly the least flattering thing you can wear… when you have that ass.

Kim Kardashian Green Outfit

November 12, 2007

Kelly Brook And Her Flowers

Who doesn’t want to at least be one of those lucky flower petals literally pressed against sexy Kelly Brook’s private parts? I’m sure all the guys are too excited to even muster a muffled word and I’m sure all the girls are all so envious of her. Who wouldn’t want to see Kelly’s shapely body, pouted lips and creamy skin? Interestingly, the photo shoot was conducted in front of a door. Don’t you wish you could open YOUR door and find someone as beautiful as this?

Kelly Brook

October 22, 2007

Kim Kardashian’s Birthday Party

Kim Kardashian celebrates 27th birthday with sisters and closest friends at Les Deux in Los Angeles. According to Wikipedia Kim Kardashian’s nude scenes from the Playboy shoot showed up in Kardashian’s E! reality show on October 21, 2007. The pictorial is 12 pages in length which is the longest shoot Hugh Hefner has done in a long time.

Kim Kardashian