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July 1, 2008

Paris Hilton Topless In Russian GQ

Paris Hilton has posed topless in Russian GQ Magazine. She looked effortlessly beautiful. It was a rare opportunity to see those retro knickers on someone young. The blue socks looked kinky. The overall effect was a pretty unique wardrobe for Paris.

Gossip said that Paris and Kim Kardashian were preparing for a big showdown because Paris has deleted Kim from her top 8 Myspace friends. There were rumors that the two beauties were rivals in secret despite their outward show of friendship.

Paris Hilton

August 30, 2008

Paris Hilton And Nicky Hilton In Playful Moods

Ever imagined sisters and former heiresses Paris Hilton and Nicky Hilton in playful, colorful moods? Well, your wish has just been granted! You can see a topless and brunette Paris Hilton in these photos and a new, reformed, super skinny Nicky Hilton in this post! Too bad Nicky didn’t go topless but she still showed a part of her tight abs, shoulders and long legs. Which look do you like best? By the way, these girls should totally have their own reality show where both of them are the stars! What do you think?

Paris Hilton

November 15, 2007
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Paris Hilton Does Pole Dancing And Singing

Paris Hilton woos her crowd with some sexy moves gyrating around a pole. She does not need to be topless to dance around the pole. We can imagine how hot she can be when she sings and makes passionate love to her pole. Some of the guys present in the audience look like they are wishing that they are the objects of her desire and not the pole!

Paris Hilton Pole Dancing