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June 3, 2013

Rachel Bilson Is So Incredibly Adorable

I adore Rachel Bilson. I’ve adored her since her time on The O.C. and my love for her was only magnified when I started watching her on Hart of Dixie. I still believe her role in Zach Braff’s Last Kiss was her finest work to date but Hart would be pretty close to the top of the list for me. In these photos from the Chanel Dinner in Los Angeles, Rachel is pulling off that rare combination of adorable and sexy and I love it. I love the hair, I love the dress, I love the shoes … I love everything about these photos. One thing I feel is important to mention though. Rachel is one of those rare celebrities that looks better (not to mention younger) without a stitch of makeup on her face. I think these photos would be even better if she lightened up on the eye makeup just a little bit. Even so – she looks fantastic. I don’t think I could be more in love with this young lady.

November 29, 2011

Rachel Bilson On The Set Of Hart Of Dixie

I love “Hart of Dixie”. I mean that in the most sincere possible way. Sure it’s a bit cheesy but it’s also surprisingly addictive. I started watching for one reason and one reason only – Rachel Bilson. I freaking love Rachel. She’s sexy, has a killer set of legs but she also seems to be the kind of girl that likes to kick back after work with a beer and a few close friends. I find that more appealing than just about anything else. In these “Hart of Dixie” stills, we see Rachel in her normal Zoe Hart wardrobe but also dressed up as a pirate and I’m just fine with that. The only question is why there isn’t more Wilson Bethel in these pictures. I know we’re supposed to root for Zoe and George to hook up but not this viewer. I’m Team Wade all the way.

April 26, 2011
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Rachel Bilson Soaking Wet In A Strapless Bikini

I don’t think I’ve mentioned this recently, but I love Rachel Bilson. I don’t see nearly enough of her though – in the movies, I mean, of course. It isn’t hard to get a good look at that lovely body of hers. It seems there are always pictures of her popping up in bikinis and I’m not going to complain about that at all. I like Rachel because she doesn’t seem nearly as caught up in the celebrity scene as many of the other actresses her age are. She just seems to like to do her thing and I respect that. Would she be a bigger star if her name was attached to a scandal or two? Sure and I’m sure she knows that. She doesn’t give in though, and I respect that. I tend to not pay a whole lot of attention to TV movies, but I’m looking forward to “Hart of Dixie” staring Rachel, Jaime King and Nancy Travis.

October 2, 2010
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Rachel Bilson Drops Her Purse, Shows Off Her Ass

I’m not sure I’ve mentioned this, but I love Rachel Bilson. I’m not even sure why. Maybe it’s because despite her fame, she never seems to think of herself as a star. Shown here on her way out of Dior in Beverly Hills, California, Rachel can shop at Dior and still have a down to earth look about her. Not many celebs can pull that off. I love a celeb that isn’t afraid to walk out of the house looking normal and doesn’t try to turn every moment of every day of their life into a photo op. Rachel has the stunning beauty when she wants to flaunt it, but she’s more content to just be herself – a regular girl like any other regular girl who likes a little retail therapy ever now and then. The only real difference between Rachel and the rest of us is the stores she shops in.

February 11, 2009
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Rachel Bilson Plays Peek A Boo

American actress Rachel Bilson may have added a feather on her cap when she starred in the hit movie “Jumper” last year but these days, she’s busy adding another feather on her cap.Proving to everyone that she deserves the title of “hottest chick in Hollywood” courtesy of Howard Stern. The former “The O.C.” actress is smokin’ hot in these photos! Don’t you think so? Love the makeup and of course, the ultra sexy dress!

Rachel Bilson

June 2, 2008

Fiery Rachel Nichols Goes Topless

American actress Rachel Nichols, best known for her portrayal of CIA agent Rachel Gibson on the television series “Alias” (yup, Jennifer Gardner’s starrer series), goes topless in these ultra sexy photos. The photos also showcase her smooth skin, long legs, beautiful long blonde hair and that trademark Rachel Nichols looks that can send you flying off the wall. What do you think are Rachel’s best assets? Before you answer this question, though, click and look for the last photo. I’m sure you all have similar answers afterward!

Rachel Nichols

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