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April 11, 2011

The Saturdays Crotch Shot

Okay, I’ll be honest. I had no idea who The Saturdays until this post came up. Apparently, The Saturdays are a British/Irish girl group that formed in London in 2007, made up of Frankie Sandford, Vanessa White, Una Healy, Mollie King and Rochelle Wiseman. I don’t know who is who, but I listened to a single or two, and I’ve heard worse. They seem to be a slightly poppier, more attractive Pussycat Dolls. Regardless, after watching the video for “Just Can’t Get Enough” in which each girl is shown with her name, I still can’t figure out which one is showing off her cooch in these pictures. I don’t think it really matters. Anyway, they all look pretty good as far as girls in bikinis go, but I’m not sure I’d really go crazy over any of them.

December 9, 2010
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Nicole Scherzinger Is Back To Her Sexy Self

Now this is the Nicole Scherzinger we know and love. While her recent fashion choices may have had me a bit concerned sexy Nicole was a thing of the past, she is back in top form at the Jingle Bell Ball, London. I’m still not sure of her hair, but that’s really a minor detail. I mean, who in their right mind is paying attention to her hair when her rack is on such prominent display. There are reasons Scherzinger is my favorite Pussycat Doll and those reasons are all shown in these pictures. She knows how to work it for the camera, looking sexy and almost meek at the same time. The fact that she has a fantastic voice doesn’t hurt either. I look forward to her solo career if it ever gets off the ground. Here’s hoping.

October 14, 2010
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Nicole Scherzinger On London’s ‘This Morning’

Nicole Scherzinger is my favorite Pussycat Doll. I can say this with absolute certainty. She’s a complete babe, but she also has the vocal talent to make her worth paying attention to. Shown here performing on ‘This Morning’, a tv show in London, Scherzinger, manages the tricky task of looking sexy without looking slutty. She gets bonus points for singing with the lovely and talented Enrique Iglesias. While Nicole’s solo career hasn’t exactly taken off, but I think in time, we’ll see her shine on her own. Her name is out there, especially due to her Dancing With the Stars win a few seasons back, which many people believe was the biggest problem with her first attempt at a solo album. She was just that girl from the Pussycat Dolls. Now the name Nicole Scherzinger is much bigger and more well known than it once was. Time to try again, lady!

August 16, 2010
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Nicole Scherzinger Flaunts It In A Pink Bikini

Nicole Scherzinger has always been my favorite Pussycat Doll. The other ladies are all very lovely and very talented, but Nicole has always been a stand out for me. She has a sort of raw vocal talent, real stage present and she looks crazy good in a bikini. Here in Hawaii, Nicole shows the world that she is perfectly comfortable in her own skin and is proud of her body and really, what’s not to be proud of. I’m sure there will be someone who will say something about cellulite but why pick apart a masterpiece? That would be like saying there wasn’t enough color in the Mona Lisa. A work of art is a work of art.

March 19, 2010

Tara Reid Bares

Tara Reid is a famous Hollywood actress whose movies include ‘The Urban Legend’, ‘American Pie 1 ’, ‘American Pie 2’, ‘Josie and the Pussy Cats’ and ‘Alone in the Dark’. Her acting career started at the age of nine in a game show called ‘Child’s play.’ After Tara appeared in hundreds of ads and her fortunes came true with the Hollywood sex and humor movie ‘American Pie 1’. Tara Reid was involved in many controversies including an exposed left breast when her dress fell at a birthday party. Tara Reid has appeared in the Jan/Feb 2010 Playboy pictorial. The magazine contains hot sexy pictures of Tara, but there are no nude pictures as per the reports.

August 26, 2009

Ashley Roberts Bikini Adventure

Burlesque singing group Pussycat Dolls member Ashley Roberts was spotted having her own version of bikini adventure to enjoy summer in Malibu. The singer actress was able to show her nice abs on her skimpy bikini but obviously, she does not have the shape that everyone is expecting to see on any girls that wears a bikini. However, despite of that, Ashley was still able to let head turns with her nice ass and long legs, and it seems like she is having so much fun while walking by the beach with her stylish scarf on and off as her bikini skirt.

Ashley Roberts