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June 17, 2010

Katy Perry Flaunts Her Body In Tight Blue Dress

Looking relatively normal considering her usual over the top stage costumes, Katy Perry looks gorgeous in her blue micro-mini dress with yellow palm tree pattern. Even when clad in something tame when compared to her faux-leather mini-dress, Perry’s body impresses. Her legs look incredible in her killer heels and her boobs look better than ever in the tight bodice of her dress. Although there were recent rumors that Perry may be pregnant, she put those rumors to rest in this dress that, thankfully, leaves nothing to the imagination. Anyone who thought something silly like an engagement ring would tame this one can think again. This pop tart is just as wild as ever. Lucky us.

Katy Perry Katy Perry Katy Perry
June 10, 2010
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Rosie Huntington Shopping In Tight Black Dress

With news that Victoria’s Secret model Rosie Huntington is set to take over for Megan Fox as the lead romantic interest in Transformers 3, there has been a lot of speculation as to whether or not Ms. Huntington has the acting chops to pull it off. After all, this is really Rosie’s first acting gig. It is almost certain that Transformers 3 will be a huge blockbuster hit and some feel she doesn’t have the credentials to take on this sort of role. This of course begs the questions; have these people ever seen the Transformers movies? Strutting her stuff in a sexy black dress while shopping in Los Angeles Rosie shows she has the exact credentials she needs to replace Megan Fox in this testosterone fest – a killer body and sultry pout. Megan who?

December 2, 2009
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Geri Halliwell Tight Black Dress

Geri Halliwell known for being a member of the once popular Spice Girls is seen all in black from the above the knee boots to the jacket. The tight sweater dress reveals her slender figure, but she could have chosen a more attractive ensemble. She kind of looks thrown together and her dress is still crawling up and sticking her black tights. Not a good look. But, hey with what she has underneath, no one will care.
On her own, Geri has released four number one singles on the UK charts including “Mi Chico Latino”, “Lift Me Up”, “Bag It Up” and “It’s Raining Men”.

Geri Halliwell

July 9, 2008

Jessica Simpson’s Tight Purple Dress

Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo went out for dinner at the Sagebrush Cantina in Calabasas, on the night of July 7. Jessica wore a tight purple dress. The pair of lovebirds loved karaoke. They were known to go singing after meals. Last Saturday, after some drinks at a rooftop bar at Bud & Alley’s Restaurant, Jessica and Tony were playing a game of chase and catch. Jessica ran into a sign and Tony had his chance to catch up with her. He gave her a hug and made everything all right again.

Jessica Simpson

December 5, 2011

Paris Hilton In Back Baring Dress

Paris Hilton is kind of like olives for me. Sometimes I’m in the mood for them and sometimes I’m not. My opinion of Paris, just like my opinion of olives, changes dramatically depending on my mood. Today I’m having a Paris is okay sort of day. That could be because I happen to think she looks exceptionally attractive in these photos. I don’t like the black tights with the dress and I’m not sure I love the cut of the dress in the front, but I will admit it flatters her body very well. These pictures, taken in LA, do little to quiet the “Paris Hilton is a spoiled little princess” comments considering the car she’s driving but I honestly don’t think Paris cares in the least. I find that appealing in a weird way. I love a girl who just lives her life and doesn’t care what people think of her and Paris is definitely that kind of girl. Of course, if you ask me tomorrow, my opinion will probably be entirely different. It’s fun to be moody.

August 1, 2010
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Irina Sheik In Sexy Blue Micro-mini Dress

Showing off why the name ‘Irina Sheik’ is on everyone lips, Irina hit the premiere of the movie Twelve wearing a tight blue dress that left nothing to the imagination. She showed off her ass. She showed off his breasts. She showed off those killer legs and she looked crazy hot while doing it. Everything about this woman is gorgeous from the flowing locks on her head the the toes at the tip of her perfect legs. Irina knows how to look good and she isn’t afraid to show off her body to get a little attention. She looks fabulous and she knows it. There’s nothing wrong with that.