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October 6, 2012
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Tara Reid Flashes Her Panties In New Upskirt Shots In London.

I remember a time when Tara Reid seemed so wholesome and so innocent. It seems that time is a long forgotten memory at this point. While there are other young starlets that have gone off the rails in much more public ways, Tara has definitely seen her fair share of meltdown action. I really do hope for the best for her though but beyond even the panties flashing in these photos, these photos make me think she’s not done with drama yet. She looks inebriated in at least two of these photos and that troubles me. Outside Annabel’s Club in London, Tara seems to need help standing in these photos although it’s hard to say what actually happened. She may have fallen down or she may have just needed help getting out of the car. It’s hard to not jump to conclusions when someone like Tara Reid is involved. I really do hope she finds the strength she needs to clean up. I like her and I think she has talent. It would be great to see her make a comeback.

August 15, 2012

Cher Lloyd Upskirt Pics From Her Concert At The Grove

I don’t know how I feel about Cher Lloyd. Sometimes I love her, sometimes not so much. Her music is kind of hit or miss for me as well. There are songs I like and songs I don’t. I guess that’s just the way it goes sometimes. You can’t please everyone all the time. Here at her concert at The Grove in LA, Cher looks like she’s having a good time on stage. I’m sure she knows there are upskirt shots happening but she doesn’t seem to care. Some upskirt shots bug me but these ones don’t. Generally speaking, if you’re wearing a short skirt on stage, upskirt shots are inevitable. It’s not that much different (in my opinion anyway) than figure skaters. Their undies (or the crotch of their body suits … same thing) are almost constantly on display during performances and no one says a whole lot about it. I don’t think a singer on stage should face much more scrutiny when it comes to such matters. I’m pretty sure we’re not actually seeing Cher’s underwear anyway. I think it’s the crotch of a body suit which I’m fine with. Hopping out of a car and flashing your panties (or worse) is a completely different story, at least in my opinion anyway.

June 21, 2012

Lana Del Rey Upskirt Pics Give Us A Peek At Her Panties.

I don’t care what anyone says. I really don’t. Not even a little. I freaking love Lana Del Rey. I absolutely love her. Her music isn’t exactly groundbreaking but it’s nice to put on and just groove to. It doesn’t hurt, of course, that Lana is a beautiful girl that gives off that sort of retro throwback vibe I love so much. Here at the Lovebox Festival in Victoria Park, London, Lana gives us a little upskirt shot and a little peek at her panties which is probably going to be what most people focus on when they look at these photos. Not me. I can’t help focusing on the pictures as a whole. I could look at them all day. I don’t care if what I’m seeing is the real deal or a manufactured product. What matters to me is how the music makes me feel and Lana’s music makes me feel warm and cozy. Love this girl. I think she really gets a raw deal. Gotta admit though, the whole Axl Rose thing was a little weird.

March 6, 2012

Extreme Upskirt Shots Of Imogen Thomas

Really? Imogen honey, hold your hem or something. In all honesty though, I feel Imogen Thomas’ pain here. I really do. I’ve worn a similar garment out in public on a windy day and had there been a photographer snapping pics of my every move the there was with Imogen, there would’ve been at least one extreme upskirt. Wind happens. I have to comment on one thing though – her underwear. I really, really like those panties although from the looks of them, it could possibly be bikini bottoms. Either way, I’m not sure if it’s a butterfly or an angel on the crotch but it’s cute. Regardless of the whole upskirt thing, I actually really like these photos. Imogen looks lovely and I like the relaxed feel of the pictures. She doesn’t seem to be terribly bothered by the cameras or the wind. I like that about her. She can just laugh it off. I’m not sure I could do the same.

January 19, 2012

Layla Flaherty Upskirt Pics Leave Little To The Imagination

Nothing screams class act like letting your panties hang out in front of a crowd of photographers. With shoes in hand, Irish model, psych student and reality television personality Layla Flaherty lets it all hang out and after looking at the pictures, I can’t help thinking it was anything but an accident. I have little good to say about this particular brand of celebrity so I’ll keep this one short. Sure getting photographed looking like your wasted with your skirt hiked up probably gets your name in the headlines – I’m am writing about her after all – but there much be better ways to go about it grabbing attention. Perhaps through work? Layla is a very pretty girl. Why not stick to the modeling. She also insists she has brains. Maybe she could put them to good use instead of whatever she’s doing in these pictures.

December 2, 2011
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Jessica Lowndes Upskirts On 90210 Set

I know Jessica Lowndes often gets overshadowed by “90210” costar AnnaLynne McCord but in all honesty, I find Jessica every bit as attractive as AnnaLynne, just in a different way. AnnaLynne is actually sort of typical when you look at Hollywood as a whole. She’s the blond sexpot – the bombshell. Jessica, on the other hand, is attractive in a far more unique way. She has an almost wholesome feel about her which is pretty impressive considering she’s flashing her panties as she’s filming “90210” in these pictures. She has a girl next door sort of vibe and I find that incredibly appealing. In this industry, blond bombshells are a dime a dozen, as gorgeous as AnnaLynne is, but girls like Jessica are a lot rarer. Side note – is rarer a word? It looks wrong to me. You get the point.