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August 10, 2013
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Erin Heatherton Upskirt Shot In NYC

Poor Erin Heatherton. I know her pain. I have had this happen to me on no less than three occasions although usually, I’m wearing boycut panties (my favorite kind of panties) so my asscheek doesn’t wind up hanging out. I’m not sure if that’s a whole lot better though considering most of my panties have cutesy little patterns on them. In any event, wind aided upskirt shot aside, Erin looks great here in these shots that were snapped as she was out in NYC. If I’m being honest, I doubt Erin was bothered by the accident ass shot at all. I don’t imagine she lets such things get to her, considering a big part of her job is looking sexy and showing a lot of skin.

March 6, 2012

Extreme Upskirt Shots Of Imogen Thomas

Really? Imogen honey, hold your hem or something. In all honesty though, I feel Imogen Thomas’ pain here. I really do. I’ve worn a similar garment out in public on a windy day and had there been a photographer snapping pics of my every move the there was with Imogen, there would’ve been at least one extreme upskirt. Wind happens. I have to comment on one thing though – her underwear. I really, really like those panties although from the looks of them, it could possibly be bikini bottoms. Either way, I’m not sure if it’s a butterfly or an angel on the crotch but it’s cute. Regardless of the whole upskirt thing, I actually really like these photos. Imogen looks lovely and I like the relaxed feel of the pictures. She doesn’t seem to be terribly bothered by the cameras or the wind. I like that about her. She can just laugh it off. I’m not sure I could do the same.

September 20, 2010

Katy Perry And Her Wind Blown Dress

Katy Perry is one of my favorite popstars at the moment. She’s talented, unique and seems like she’d be a long of fun. Having lunch at Dusty’s restaurant, Katy manages to be almost understated in a lose black and white sun dress and over-sized hat; a far cry from the usual form fitting dresses we usually see her in. She still looks stunning though. In fact, I almost prefer this look. She looks more relaxed and casual – like she can actually breathe. With her protector and fiancé, Russel Brand, at her side she actually looks moderately demure. On the heels of the news that Russel attacked a photographer defending her honor (the photographer was apparently trying to stick his camera lens under her skirt), Katy and Russel look closer than ever. These are one of the very few couples who seem real and genuine. I love Katy and I love these two together.

September 11, 2008

Jennifer Aniston Upskirt

Jennifer Aniston was at the Toronto Film Festival in Toronto, Canada. She attended the premiere of her movie, “Management.” Aniston wore a short, sexy dress and while getting out of her ride, her hitched up dress gave an upskirt moment. Brad Pitt, her ex-husband, would also be at the same film festival in Toronto to promote his movie, “Burn After Reading.” There were rumors that the two might meet up secretly. However, there were also rumors that they were trying to avoid bumping into each other at the Festival.

Jennifer Aniston

August 18, 2008

Lauren Conrad’s Sexy Skirt

Lauren Conrad dropped off her dog, Chloe, at the pet grooming services at Petco in Beverly Hills. She then went to a casting call in Hollywood, with a girlfriend. This explained why she was so well dressed in a sexy skirt and top. Lauren has been doged with rumors about an alleged sex tape made with her old, ex boyfriend, Jason Wahler. Wahler had trouble when he was slapped with two lawsuits over a couple of assault cases. Every time Wahler’s name came into the news, people were reminded of Lauren Conrad.

Lauren Conrad